The Little Snail – Pyrmont

A bit of higher class dining, but not yet at fine dining – because you could totally get away with being a bit more casual at this restaurant. We made a reservation just that morning for 7:30 pm, and had no issues getting in, as there were plenty of smaller tables to go around.

At $60 per person, we were allowed to choose from one entree, one main, and one dessert from the menu. This was the only option by the way, as there was no other way to order that the restaurant.

With four people altogether, we were able to order quite a large variety of different dishes. The dishes also came out rather quickly one after another, so maybe it’s good idea to ask if you could order your dessert later.

I ordered the signature dish, escargot, crispy duck with spinach and raspberry sauce and the hazelnut and praline ice cream for dessert.

The escargot was served as a dozen, with the snails arranged in a bowl of butter. There was a small fork and special ‘snail grabbing device’ as I like to call it designed to help us ‘grab snails’. Once you were done with the snails, you could put your used shells along the edge of the plate, obviously designed for this very purpose.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset
Escargot de BourgogneDozen snails marinated in herb-infused court bouillon, oven baked in garlic butter

And c’mon! Who turns down duck?! My friend and I both had this dish and the combination of flavours worked very well together – the sweet and savoury come together as one. The experience is maximised when you arrange a piece of duck, dipped in the raspberry sauce on a fork, topping it all off with the spinach. It was quite the balancing act, but once you place that mouthful in your mouth, you know that you have made the right decision.

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Magret de CanardCrispy skin duck breast fillet with wok tossed spinach served with cassis and raspberry sauce

Now on to dessert. By this time I was really full – don’t be fooled by the deceivingly small looking servings. But we all know you have a different stomach for dessert. Well, I know I did. I had the hazelnut ice cream and it was pretty damn good ice cream that was similar to Messina, but different. You could really feel the textures of the nutsΒ and praline in it, and it was the right type of sweetness (for me, at least). The scoop was sitting on a thick biscuit, which went really well with the ice cream itself. No regrets at all… even though the other things on the menu also sounded amazing.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset
Chef Churned Hazelnut and Praline Ice Cream –Β On sable breton and Grand Marnier caramel
And did I mention that the waiters all had a really nice French accent? πŸ˜‰

Verdict? There’s no doubt that the quality of the food pretty good, but as someone who isn’t working full time, $60 minimum for one meal seems to be a bit too much to ask. It is however, only $38 for lunch though!

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