ZenQ – George Street

This place. I have walked passed it numerous times and even joked about going in and trying it numerous times as well. But I tended to avoid it in the past because I had the impression that it was the same as meet fresh. Obviously, I didn’t hear about their famous honey bread …

We decided to head to ZenQ on George St for dessert one night after a “just enough” meal at Chinta Ria. We received the menu and flipped straight to the classic honey bread page, before discovering they also had danish bread!! – a more buttery, airy version of the classic, more croissant like.

ZenQ - Strawberry Honey Bread
Delicious box of crispy honey bread with strawberries, strawberry ice cream, honey syrup and cream on the side

The strawberry honey bread was our flavour of choice and while waiting for the plate to arrive we could smell the sweet buttery sensation drifting from the tiny kitchen. This place is also very popular for the shaved ice desserts.

The honey bread came with specific instructions on how to eat. First cut off one wall, open it, move all the toppings onto the now fallen over wall and eat the sticks of bread that have been pieced together like a Jenga puzzle. Each stick was coated in butter and cooked off with a delicious crispness like a really good crouton. The density of the flavour was intense and beautiful and rich, and it was enhanced with the custard dip and whipped cream, yet balanced by the sharpness of the real fruit and the icy refreshing taste of the ice cream.

Surely this ginormous sculpture was too much for one eater but amongst our group of 6, it was just right to leave a good impression, and left me wanting more – if I didn’t have a meal before.

This is definitely a dessert winner, especially for groups. I would say go for the challenge of getting one alone or with a buddy, only on an empty stomach. You might just find yourself feeling slightly “very full” or feeling diabetic afterwards..

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