Chur Burger – Surry Hills

So you thought the burgers were better at Hungry Jacks? Well, supposedly the burgers are the best at Chur Burger. After a terribly tiring day at uni, we decided to be spontaneous and head to Chur Burger at 5pm – which is a really awkward time of the day… not afternoon tea time, yet not dinner time either. But this turned out to be a smart decision because there would be a line building up during actual dinner time. We walked from Central to Albion Street, which is a short 5 minute walk. It’s funny how inconspicuous this decent sized shop was, that I pass by it everyday without noticing the light blue wall with a massive fancy ‘chur’ painted on the side. When we first enter, we notice the blaring music playing in the background that made the joint feel more packed than it was (there was actually only three other customers in the store). The interior decor of Chur gives it a classic mis-matched and rustic feel, with an open kitchen and plenty of seating choices – from the single burger munchers to the larger groups – it feels very spacious. We sit down and examine “or pretend to examine” the brown paper menus (because I secretly already knew what I came here for). Chur does all their burgers for $10, with sides for $5. Our table ordered the fish burger, vege burger, pulled pork burger and the ever popular beef burger, with sides of sweet potato fries and chilli chips. While we were waiting for a food to arrive, we played around with some of the condiments offered on the table. There were some mysterious bottles of chilli sauce – one of which was green from the kiwi element (when I later dipped my chip in that, I realised it was one of the sharpest hot sauces that i’ve tried – sharper than tobasco!). Our burgers and chips all came in one go and here’s how it went down.

Beef Burger

Beef Burger with sides of Sweet Potato Chips and Chilli Salted Chips
Beef Burger with sides of Sweet Potato Chips and Chilli Salted Chips

Now, while researching Chur Burger’s website, I read that all their beef patties were made from high quality beef, thus justifying Chur cooking them medium rare. I thought this was interesting and never had a “medium rare” beef pattie burger before! When it came, the burger itself looked so lonely by itself. The bun was a very dark colour and had a light sheen on the top. I could see the mustard mayo oozing and a pickle flopping out as well. The first bite I took was very surprising. The bun looked deceivingly hard and crispy but was actually super soft and perfectly bouncy. Their tomato jam had a spicy zing to it, while the mayo was thick and delicious. The beef pattie… wow! What a burst of juices. One bite revealed a lovely soft pink centre (cooked perfectly) with patty juices oozing out of the burger and soaking through the bun. The pickle gave this dense chur burger a much needed sour and tangy break. It took me a while to see the cheese though, it was sort of lost amongst all the other elements that were dominating this party – poor cheese 😦 Ok by the end of the burger, the beef pattie was getting too much for me The density of it was unbelievable and I ended up not finishing the whole beef pattie. I could also feel the burger stay with me for the rest of the night, even though I remember myself saying “I’ll get hungry later if we have dinner at 5…” – never got hungry later…

Pulled Pork Burger

Having heard mixed reviews about this burger, most of us, being an unadventurous bunch, shied away from it – except for one. So in the end, we did end up having this burger grace our table. Although none of us actually got a chance to taste it, the owner of the burger did exclaim that it was a very good burger and did not know what the bad reviews were on about. It came in the dark sheen-like bun as the others, only you could see strands of pulled pork hang out over the edges. It looked so aesthetically pleasing, I don’t think I would’ve minded if I had ordered it for myself. Sweet Potato Chips

Left: Sweet Potato Chips (or more like wedges); Right: Regular Chips with Chilli Salt
Left: Sweet Potato Chips (or more like wedges); Right: Regular Chips with Chilli Salt

These things were monsters. A bowl of this would be a meal in itself. The sweet potato was dare I say, thickly cut. The thinner tick-cut fries were pretty good – they were crunchy (as crunchy as a sweet potato fry can get, although never as crunchy as a normal potato chip), and sweet. However, the extremely thick (wedge-like) fries were difficult to eat and digest. They had lost their crispy coating and it was basically like eating a quater of a roasted sweet potato. Chilli Salted Chips A – Ok these were pretty damn good. They were dry and crunchy, with nice soft, white fluffy potato on the inside. It came in a beer batter shape with some chilli powder on the top, however you could barely taste the chilli. C – Sorry A, I can’t agree with your “pretty damn good”. To be honest, I thought these just started like normal chips. They were so normal. I’ve had better chips elsewhere like The Pine Inn. But I did enjoy these, as they gave me greater satisfaction than the sweet potato chips which lacked the crunch factor. K – Definitely had the crunch factor. It also had the right amount of chilli powder for me, not too chilli but I could still taste it. I have to say these chips were pretty good but I also agree with C. The Pine Inn has the best hot chips, especially with gravy!!

The verdict? Yes, try this place. The burgers are pretty  good. Maybe give the sweet potato chips a pass…not exactly a huge fan of its thickly cut nature. Also don’t expect to have a nice conversation here. You might not have a voice left after challenging the audio system to a shout off. Chur Burger on Urbanspoon


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