Torin Japanese Restaurant – Eastwood

This was actually one of the first times I have ventured over to the “other side” of Eastwood. In fact, we were hunting for a Korean restaurant but as it was a busy Sunday night, most of them were full. Torin was one of those restaurants that I had noticed on passing by because it seemed quite classy, clean and nicely decorated.


The interior had a nice modern Japanese feel about it but I noticed straight away that it was run by Korean people. Upon flicking through the menu, I noticed that the prices were pretty moderate to high. Nothing was cheap – certainly do not consider paying $15-18 for a katsu curry with rice or $22+ for a bento box “affordable”. They had quite a variety on their menu – sushi, udon (disappointed there was no ramen), katsu, gyu, hotpots, bibimbap, tempura etc…

I chose the tempura udon and I was a afraid that I had chosen wrong as soon as I ordered it. Wasn’t much of an udon fan so I have no idea why I picked it… I guess I just felt like some tempura. Mine was the first to arrive – the udon came in a clear broth and the tempura came on the side with some dipping sauce.


There was a mixture of prawn, calamari, crab stick and onion tempura. The batter was light and crunchy. The noodles were cooked well and the brother was (thank goodness) not overly salty. My dinner companions ordered a katsu set which came with miso soup (albeit, the bowl was only half full.. i don’t get it..) and the rice didn’t seem very generous either. I do admit that the curry katsu did look tastier. Another ordered the seafood udon – which was more like a dry udon in chilli paste with lots of oysters, prawns and random seafood bits. This was more like an udon spaghetti and I thought it was quite decent, not too chilli, but not too bland. We also received a small row of side dishes.


The Verdict?Β 

The serviceΒ was really friendly and attentive. The atmosphere was spacious, relaxing and comfortable. The food was on the whole, just average, a bit overpriced and not that generous with the serving sizes. If you’re after some good Japanese food, I’d say there are better choices.

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