Hot Star Large Fried Chicken – Sydney CBD

A few months ago, I travelled to Taiwan, the land of street snacks and
night markets. It was then when I was introduced to Taiwanese style
fried chicken – jumbo sized. This chicken blew KFC chicken out of the
water as it was so juicy and succulent and fried to perfection. I must
say, the Taiwanese have their ways of deep frying things really well!

My first experience was from this small street vendor next to the
elementary school I was working at in Kaohsiung. They had cut it up
into small bite size pieces and generously seasoned. My second
encounter was Hot Star in Shilin Night Market, Taipei. Man, was it
good then. And now, today I accidentally stumbled across this chain in
my own home, Sydney, along Liverpool Street next to Subway. It is
newly opened and I’m not exactly sure when it did but it’s new, and it
definitely beats it’s competitors.

A large XL fried chicken here was $7.90. Okay, this was more than the
60 NTD I paid in Taiwan, but to be fair, one needs to account for the
differences in the cost of living. Nonetheless, this was cheaper than
the $10 chicken Shihlin Street Snacks (in Central Park and Kingsford)
were selling for – actually I’m not 100% sure, because $10 might have been the combo … but moving on.

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I purchased one, and like in Taiwan I got a small plastic bag to put
my chicken in, so that I didn’t get hot oil all over my hands. They
put the chicken in the deep fryer after I placed my order for a few
minutes and then it gets seasoned, placed in a paper bag, and then in
the bag I had in my eager hands. And what do you know, it was
massive and in one single piece. Apparently this is so that it retains
it’s nice, succulent texture. And so it did! Everything I expected!
The same as it’s older brother and sister in Taiwan. Well, close enough to it at least!

They also sold deep fried mushrooms and deep fried sweet potato chips,
as well as just chicken bites. I think I’m going to try the mushrooms
next time. Those things were so good in Taiwan, I totally wouldn’t
mind having some more.


Verdict? Let the blue signage draw you in! Don’t hesitate, but maybe
grab a friend to share the chicken with you as you might have some
trouble finishing it on your own. If you love KFC, then definitely try
this. You will never look at KFC the same ever again, trust me.

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