Mamak – Haymarket

Let’s start with the honest truth – I was super excited when my friend announced that we would be going to Mamak for dinner one night!  We began our roti cravings instantly and decided that it had to be satisfied on the night. I had previously been to Mamak once before, and I remember the long lines outside the huge glass window, where you could watch the skilled workers spinning and folding their paper-thin roti dough, while your stomach grumbles… as you wait to go inside… Being a Monday night I was expecting to walk in and be seated at a table without many people around me. Yet, I was wrong. Check out the lines on a Monday night. It seems this place has and always will be popular every night of the week. Photo 24-03-2014 6 28 25 pm   The good thing was that the lines moved very quickly and we waited only 10 minutes at most. Once seated in, the atmosphere was pretty awesome. The restaurant was clean yet bustling with the combined chatter of every table. There were many staff members which meant ordering and requests were not a problem at all. The menu was did give salience to their popular items – most notably the roti variety (I think every table will have ordered roti). We decided on the original roti canai plus the onion and egg roti. We also ordered a salad that we cannot pronouce (Rojak) and a Nasi Goreng fried rice, which we saw on the other table that looked delicious. Ice Teh was our beverage of choice – for all of us.

Lets start with…

Roti Canai Photo 24-03-2014 11 22 12 pm It’s crispy and fluffy and light but satisfying – all at the same time!! This little bundle of joy doesn’t look so grand on its tin plate but this is what we came for. That little dollop of chilli sauce also looks quite lonely but don’t be fooled. You get to try two distinc curry sauces and it did leave a very good impression on us, before we began to eat the….

Roti telur bawang Photo 24-03-2014 7 05 08 pm Came with 4 triangles of roti folded around egg and onion. It was more like an omelette – a denser version of the original roti but nonetheless, a good use of roti. The flavour of the roti by itself without the dipping sauce is very zen. Although we all know roti uses a hell of a lot of oil, this thing wasn’t oily at all on the tongue. As the menu says – a must for omelette lovers… also those who like egg and onion 🙂

Nasi Goreng Photo 24-03-2014 6 53 25 pm Who doesn’t love a good fried rice? This fried rice was so delicious. Upon ordering, I was asked about the level of Chilli. I wanted moderate – not too hot. Yes…i’m sure if you wanted the original version it would be very spicy because i found “moderate” chilli quite spicy as well! But the flavour of this was like a rice party in my mouth. We also founded piece of prawn in there as well. It’s just a really good fried rice, compared to those white off looking ones in asian takeaway stores with pieces of frozen peas and carrots… This is energetic, fresh and vibrant!

Rojak Photo 24-03-2014 6 53 22 pm   This salad is described as “A Malaysian-style salad. Prawn and coconut fritters, fried tofu, hard-boiled eggs, freshly shredded yambean and cucumber, topped with a thick spicy peanut sauce.” OKAY – so lets go through this one at a time. First of all – it does not look like a salad, but a large pile of curry. The prawn and coconut fritters can be found around the edge of the plate – they do taste exactly as it sounds. It has a very deep flavour – the texture is almost like a biscotti cake but it’s savoury and soaked in the sauce, it’s very moist. The fried tofu can be found as cubes and add a nice soft, squishy and sauce absorbing texture to the dish. Hard boiled egg – only half as you can see. In the middle of the pile, under all that sauce, is a lovely fresh burst of cucumber and yambean (which tastes like white radish). So crunchy, so fresh! The thick spicy peanut sauce – ok, wasn’t spicy but it sure as hell was thick and peanutty! It was delicious!! The salad as a whole was a pretty good choice as a non-main dish. Uhhh, the things on the top I don’t think I covered. They were just a nice big crunch to the salad – very delicious also.

Ice Teh   Photo 24-03-2014 11 22 08 pmThis malaysian style “ice tea” is very different to the taiwanese versions you find at Chatime or Easyway. This uses light and sweet condensed milk to give an irresistible taste that will lave you wanting more and more and more. After each bite of food, you will find yourself washing it down with this. Until you have no more 😦  A very good compliment to all of the Mamak dishes.

Teh Verdict <– hehe see what I did there?

MAMAK has definitely made a name of itself in Sydney. It is one of the most popular malaysian restaurants in the city area and consistently receives top reviews for its food. Although it doesn’t have the widest variety, what it does offer delivers each and every time and you will definitely enjoy your food there. Other popular items you may not want to overlook include the roti tower that makes head turns every time someone orders it. The satay chicken sticks are also really delicious in flavour and moist in texture. I can speak highly of it from trying it once before. Also, the fried chicken (although have not tried) did look exceptionally fried! But be sure to order roti every single time!!

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