Outback Steakhouse

I’ve heard of Outback Steakhouse plenty of times but never actually tried it out before. It’s an Australian steakhouse restaurant. So how can we live in Australia without trying it, right?

Bloomin’ Onion – deep fried onion with signature spicy bloom sauce ($10.95)

For entree, we ordered their signature dish Bloomin’ Onion. When it arrived at our table, its heavenly smell of deep fried goodness reminded me of my unsatisfied fried chicken cravings (which I had for weeks already) so I was keen to take a bite out of this. The outer layer of each piece was crisp while the inside was still warm and soft.  This was definitely an interesting and enjoyable entree.  Although, by the end of the night, a small puddle of oil accumulated in the middle of the plate which made me feel a bit uneasy of how much oil was used. BUT THAT’S OKAY BECAUSE IT WAS GOOD. I recommend sharing this with a larger group of friends because this is massive.


The bread was given as a complimentary side and the mash potato soup  and caesar salad were a part of our main. We had the choice between soup or salad and veggies or chips alongside our mains.  The outside of the bread was crisp while the inside was still warm. The bread, dipped into the mash potato soup, was heavenly.

Full rack of premium lamb served with a rich Cabernet wine sauce.

By the time we finished the generous servings of entrees, our mains arrived and we were worried we might not be able to finish it all. The lamb was nicely cooked and was meaty with minimal fat. The chips were really crunchy, nicely seasoned, hot and crisp. I have to say, it beats Pine  Inn’s chips. Loved it.

Ribeye served with veggies

This was pretty average for me. I expected it to be juicy and succulent but unfortunately, it was overcooked.

No Rules Pasta – Woodfire grilled chicken and scallops tossed with fettuccine in creamy Alfredo sauce

They gave us a generous serving of chicken and scallops which were nicely grilled. The Alfredo sauce was really creamy. However, after a while, I was already sick of the sauce because it felt so fattening. Other than the massive serving, it was really good.

Verdict? This is a great restaurant with good customer service. There are lots of tables for large groups so it has a chilled and laid back atmosphere. Would love to come back again – however, maybe order less next time or come with a larger group because we underestimated our stomach size.


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