Encasa Haymarket

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The Top Line: Good Spanish food and great venue for your next birthday dinner venue πŸ™‚

The Review: Funny story about how I ended up in Encasa. If you live in Sydney, you’ll know that this week has been horrific with rain and thunderstorms, lightning and rain. Basically, I was all set to go to Chat Thai (I’ve always wanted to go, never made it in), and this time, apparently the kitchen was flooded so they were closed -_-

Walked around the area and came across a bright red sign – Encasa- which, I have obviously heard about before! Probably one of the most well known Spanish restaurants in Sydney, so in we went! It was already bustling with diners and this lovely happy Spanish waiter sat us down amongst the cosy little restaurant with brick lined walls that reminded you of a nice little family room with a fireplace. The menu came out – I was confused because I never got the hang of ordering Tapas (there was also pizza and pasta but come on, I was in a Spanish restaurant not gonna order Italian!) Thankfully the cheerful waiter came back and gave us recommendations and introduced us to the Spanish cuisine. I give you 5 stars for service, my dear friend!

No pictures on menu, no clue what we had just ordered, but here goes:

IMG_7301Numero 1: Scallops with a creamy saffron sauce. I really like scallops! They were cooked beautiful – not tough at all – and the sauce was so divine and rich, may be a little on the overpowering side but who cares, this aint Masterchef – it shows more love πŸ™‚

IMG_7305Numero 2: Baked Potato withΒ red and white sauce (let’s just say it tasted like salsa and mayo). Sure winner! One of their best sellers and I would say you neeeeeed this dish on all tables! It’s basically like hot chips with salsa and mayo!

IMG_7306Numero 3: Chicken Skewers – This was probably the dish we could have left out. There wasn’t really anything special about the chicken, the flavour or the skewers. The chicken was a bit dry and there wasn’t much moisture to it (one of the healthier things on the menu, yeah, definitely! but if I were to go back, I would have liked to try the lamb instead)

IMG_7307Last but not least – Meatballs. Now forget your subway or meatball spaghetti meatballs … this is what I call a ball of meat. It was the size of a cricken ball!! And it was delicious! The meat was genuine, none of that processed crap that you get in canned spaghetti … the sauce was really balanced and somehow made this dish seem less heavy than the first scallop dish! This one is worth getting if you go to Encasa!

After the meal, I decided to take a trip to the bathroom and oh my, there was a whole other part of the restaurant at the back which I did not know about!! It was the perfect place for group dinners with rows of large restuarants suitable for parties of 10-20 people. I was stuck in my little front of house area the whole night! Anyways, this is an excellent place for gatherings, shared meals and a good time.






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