Ms G’s Kings Cross

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The Top Line: Going out of your way to visit the cross for some modern asian fusion cuisine might actually be going a little out of the way.

The Review: The concept of Ms G’s confuses me. It’s in this little building that looks more like a unit than a restaurant a short walk from Kings Cross Station. It appears to go for that modern fusion of Asian cuisines with Western presentation. It appears to be Vietnamese but I also see elements of Chinese and Japanese throughout the menu. It appears to draw in street food influences but charges at a premium for restaurant quality service and quirky decor.


Lunch there was a casual experience with tables of customers floating here and then.Β The menu is not extensive, but it is definitely not something you see in any other restaurant.


For starters, we got one of each variety of the mini banh mi. This is a restaurant take on the classic Viet Pork Roll (the other version is a chicken katsu roll). I preferred the katsu version because it was easier to each and the flavours blended better with the texture of the bun. The pork one prominently evokes the asian flavours due to the sauce and carrot strands. But they were so small!!! And quite expensive!! $6 each for a mini bun, bah, I could get a whole pork roll for $4.50


Stir fried Angus beef, fennel & chrysanthemum kimchi, warm tortillas ($29). We were very confused. Angus beef… okay (cut up in to strips, could’ve used any meat, really, pork would’ve been better.) Chrysanthemum kimchi … wuht. It was too subtle, almost to the point of being redundant. The serving was just not generous enough! This was a platter to share and we were struggling to get enough filling in each of our tortillas (btw I felt the tortilla’s were quite floury)


Fried baby chicken tonkatsu mayo $25 – Okay, this was really good. This was fried to perfection and the flavours were absolutely stunning. Baby chicken is extra juicy!! Winner dish!


Shanghai noodles, shitake, shimeji, enoki, gruyere & dancing tuna flakes – THE TUNA FLAKE WAS DANCING WHEN IT CAME TO OUR TABLE!!! But sigh, no idea why this was on the menu .. shanghai noodles, really? TBH don’t come here for this. You can get better Shanghai noodles at your local Chinese takeaway restaurant. This was way too salty and oily. The mushrooms especially soaked up all of the salt and oil. The portion was also quite tiny.

IMG_5887Dessert Time!! This is theΒ Stoner’s Delight v3. It was super complicated so let me go through each element separately… ahem: (1)Β doughnut ice cream – good idea! needed more donut flavour but the highlight of the dish, I must say; (2) peanut dulce de leche .. er, what? I don’t remember eating this, (3) peanut & pretzel brittle – good for texture, cannot go wrong with peanuts and pretzels in my opinion..sounds weirdly like a ben an jerry’s flavour, (4) crispy bacon – let’s bring in the canadian anthem .. yeah, works well with this dish! Just like bacon and maple syrup combo, or maccas soft serve and fried combo!, (5) mars bar brownie – oh this was yummy but SOOOO sweet, couldn’t handle one piece, (6) potatochips – i’m pretty sure it was just kettle’s original chips; and (7) deep fried nutella – oh this was good.


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