Subterranean Bar & Grill GPO Sydney

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The Top Line: Read this post if you like a restaurant with a classy feel, good and generous food at a reasonable price.

The Review: The story of our GPO adventure goes back a year when a friend recommended their 9+ score marble wagyu beef burger. Upon hearing this, all of CAKe was extremely excited about the prospects of eating such good quality meat in a burger! We researched the menu and set out to GPO on a Monday night. Unfortunately, it was not to be because Subterranean was closed on a Monday night. Now, a year later, I was back and determined to taste the burger!


The first thing you’ll notice as you head down to the lower ground of the General Post Office (a stunning and historical building might I add) in Martin Place is the unique ambience that resonates class and sophistication with it’s high benches and tables, dim lighting, suited waiters at the bar and open plan kitchens so you can see the chef cooking your meal. Subterranean was a pain to find but thanks to a helpful waiter and the tiniest sign above our head, we managed to become their first customers for that night.

GPO Kitchen

I noticed most of the tables there were already reserved for large groups. This was very strange because when I called up to book, they told me that they didn’t take reservations. Well, lucky we got in early so we got a table straight away.

Grilled Wagyu Beef Burger

Wagyu Burger

Behold this piece of art ($18.50). Between the soft brioche bun is a moist, light and very very juicy wagyu patty that is just slightly pink on the inside. On top, bacon, caramelised onions, fried quail egg and our selection of cheese (we chose blue cheese out of truffle brie …and some french thing). Underneath lines the sauce (this sauce was a bit too sweet for my liking, which led to avoid the base bun while eating it. The chips were very good (potato extra fluffy inside, but not crispy enough 😦 Overall a little on the salty side due to the bacon and gourmet cheese but definitely the go to burger when you’re down there!

Pork Ribs with Housemade BBQ Sauce 

Ribs GPO

Next up we have this rack of beautiful pork ribs ($24). Now, this is no hurricane’s ribs but it is still superrrrr tender and melt in your mouth! Extra bonuses of the drenching of sauce on top, a really good hearty but not heavy sauce. This would be ideal to share (which we did) and it would lovely if it came with some vegetables of some sort (no, potatoes don’t count!)

Chicken Souvlaki Plate

IMG_7361I also got the Chicken Souvlaki ($16.50) – which comes with pita bread, Tzatziki dip and chips! There was also Spit roast chicken on the menu (opposite the souvlaki in the photo above) which is the same concept except the chicken is “slow cooked for hours.” I was happy with my souvlaki, though. The flavours were authentic and perfectly matched with the tzatziki and the pita bread was so soft and light. I really enjoyed the pita bread and ended up making a little chicken wrap for myself.

What an enjoyable little classy restaurant under a perfect location in Sydney. I would definitely save this place for any group dinner events that I need to hold. Merry Christmas at Martin Place!!



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