Mary’s Newtown + Cow and Moon Gelato Enmore

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The Top Line: You must try Mary’s Burger – it’s the best. However, only go to Newtown if you’re willing to wait, experience an explosion of loud music, and wait some more.

The Review: The almighty Mary’s Burger has been all the rage this year – to the point that I hear they recently opened a CBD store on Castlereagh Street. But we wanted the authentic experience, not some quick takeaway store that would result in some city hobo-ing. We wanted somewhere nice to eat our burgers and talk in peace!

And because of those expectations, Mary’s was like a smack in the face. Even walking in to Mary’s it felt ominous. I mean, who nails a frickn teddy bear to a wooden shack. Obviously trying to divert families away. A guy at the door asked for our IDs then let us in. It was dark, crammed and loud! Then we discovered the upstair seating, which already had a line coming down the stairs.

IMG_7273I felt really confused. Where is the menu?! Who are the waiters and who are the customers?! Why are people shouting?! What music is this?! HOW DO I GET MY BURGER?!?!?

In answer to those questions: Menu scribbled on wall, waiters will be able to walk behind the bar (otherwise i cannot tell), people shouting cause music too loud, music was mix of rock and i dunno, had to squeeze to the reach the bar to order food (or alternatively sit down and wait to be served but we were impatient like that).

They must’ve knew we were impatient and went out of their way to test our patience. After what seemed like a eon of ear blistering music, and too many false hopes (meals we thought were ours but went to another table), our stuff finally came!!! *Hallelujaaahhhh*

First up – Fried Chicken

Whole bird ($28) 

Yeah, I know what you’re thinking.. .where did the rest of the chicken go? Anyways, this was all we got. But it smelt so good and we were starving. It also tasted AMAZING. Better than KFC. Better than KoreanFC also. The batter of the chicken reminded me of something special. Anyway, you’ll have to taste it to see what I mean but definitely worth trying.

The Star of the Show – Mary’s Burgers 

Mary’s Burger ($14) – comes with a side of chips

This is your classic American Style Cheeseburger – with a trusty thin beef patty, like one piece of lettuce, tomato, pinkish sauce that resembled thousand island in colour but tasted like big mac sauce, and trusty american melt on the patty cheese, plus shoestring fries! Firstly, the burger was one of the best burgers i’ve had in my life. It is hands down – an extremely good burger. I especially enjoyed the soft, somewhat Mcdonald-like bun, and the whole combination is a winner. Secondly, the fries go down well. Thirdly, you’ll realise you will be reaching constantly for water because of the amazing amount of sodium you just consumed. But you’ll think it’s okay because it was a damn amazing burger.

And then you’ll want ice cream afterwards to neutralise that sodium.. so why not pop down to “Cow and the Moon” – i.e. The World’s Best Gelato (not really) in Enmore, just a short 10 minute fat burning walk away – We did 🙂



Flavours – Apple Wasabi, Affogato (Winner IMO), Hazelnut, Balsamic Vinegarette and Something, Rhubarb and Something, Jaffa, Banana Salted Caramel (most popular)

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