Sydney Fish Markets

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The Topline: Sydney Fish Markets will give you a real buzz in atmosphere and is a great Sunday family fun day idea – especially with the Opal Card that’ll get you all day travel on Sunday for $2.50! Eat as much Sashimi there as you can!

Best way to get there: Take the tram (Dulwich Hill direction) and get off at “Sydney Fish Markets”, which is about 5-6 stops from Central and will take 10-15 minutes. Follow the signs when you get off and cross a road and you’ll reach the massive carpark. The main entrance off the Fish Markets will be next to a large fish n chips shop called Doyle’s.


There are many seafood shops inside the fish markets but put more simply, the layout is – fried fish n chips near the entrance, fresh seafood down the corridor to the right, sashimi further down, and then fruit n vege/deli/bakery near the back. We opted for Fish Market Cafe, which is the biggest and most crowded indoor shop.



Seating can be quite difficult with so many families and tourists visiting the markets at lunch time. Almost impossible to get indoor seating unless you’re really lucky. We had to resort to the outside benches (which had a beautiful view and I guess you’re away from the fishy smell inside…), but in return you have to battle the seagulls and blazing sun.

Fish Market Cafe

Grilled platter for two ($40: Left)                                                                                  Chips, Oyster Mornay, Oyster Killpatrick, Scallops, Octopus, Calamari, Prawn skewer    Grilled Fish Fried Platter ($40: Right)                                                                         Chips, calamari rings, fried squid, fried fish cocktails, fried soft shell crab, fried prawns.

I would imagine the fried platter would serve three people comfortably. The quality of the seafood was honestly quite decent because each piece was rather tender and we had none of that rubbery calamari nonsense. The downside was the lack of seasoning (no chicken salt *Cries*) and no sauces unless you bought – and we would’ve needed a ton of sauce for this lot. The fish pieces could’ve been better.. too much batter (although very crunchy) and not enough soft fluffy fish.

Balmain Bugs ($6 each, cooked)

Bought these cooked Balmain Bugs from the fresh seafood section. This was our first time trying it and we wanted to see what the hype was about. The meat in the tail was very generous and you could dig it out easily with a fork and some force. It definitely resembles lobster meat in the texture but probably with a lighter flavour – on the whole I found it quite bland but if crustaceans are your thing, give these a try!

Claudio’s Fresh Seafood


We bought the fresh sashimi and rock oysters from the little kiosk called “Claudio’s” outside of the fish market entrance (in the car park) – It’s very popular for its Sashimi. The salmon and tuna were cut up so thin and perfect. The quality of their meat was also amazing, top notch! Try to eat as much as Sashimi there as you can! I am a massive fan of Rock Oysters and they lived up to my love. Even my friends who have never had a raw rock oyster before found them delicious!

08.04.15 – More Fish Market Action! 

At around $21, this platter for one was a bargain (because it’s enough for 2 people) and comes with sweet n sour calamari, bbq baby octopus, a grilled piece of salmon, so many garlic prawns and chips. The chips were really enough and they were really thick cut, good quality chips. The salmon was a huge generous portion and grilled really well. The bbq octopus was tender and flavourful. The garlic prawns were overcooked but the butter garlic flavour was really nice. The calamari was basically inedible because it was hard and rubbery. These aren’t cooked to order so that’s probably the main reason for its faults. Nonetheless, it was still delicious and its lines can get really long at certain times of the day.

Peter's BBQ Grill @ Sydney Fish Markets
Peter’s BBQ Grill @ Sydney Fish Markets



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