Devon Cafe, Surry Hills + Anita’s Gelato

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The top line: If you are part of the crowd where going to cafes and having brunch is your thing, then it is definitely worth checking out – a must-go for any foodie looking for nice photos! However, be warned that such indulgence will come with the price-tag of Instagram-worthy cafe food.


It was decided that our overdue high school catch up should be at Devon. We met at Central station, and off we went! But wait, hold on … we had a slight dilemma – to go to the new Devon on Danks in Waterloo (which was a 24 minute walk away), or to the original, smaller Devon Cafe in Surry Hills (only 3 minutes walk). While some of us were super keen to try the different menu items at the Waterloo store (like that matcha and red bean thing that keeps popping up on my Instagram feed…), the 27 degree weather told us we would be one grey hair wiser if we just went for the Surry Hills store. This was my second time and unlike the first time, there were more seats available – we were able to get a table for 5 after waiting 1-2 minutes while they readied the table for us.

They have a new summer 2015 menu! With all-day breakfast! Yay! 😀

My Second Asian Cousin Gone Summery ($14) – Tapioca and coconut pudding, fresh mango, young coconut jelly, chia seeds, macadamia and freeze dried lychees.

Sago in coconut was always one of my favourite Asian desserts, especially with a nice scoop of icecream in it. Here, Devon attempts to westernise this dish with fruits, seeds and nuts – and they did a good job. The additions gave some nice texture to the dessert that you will not find in the traditional version and definitely made it worth ordering! This was really filling though, and after a while the sago does become a bit overwhelming. Would recommend though!

Fillet ‘o’ Devon ($21) – Battered John Dorry fillet, tartare sauce, baby fennel and sorrel, brioche bun with onion rings

At first, we thought those were calamari rings and got really excited for the chewy goodness, but it turned out to be onion rings … nevertheless our misled expectations were not met with disappointment because the rings were rather tasty with the tartare sauce. Battered fish is always a winner when its not soggy and this was nice and well-fried. Although the bun was a bit dry, it had a nice flavour.

Brioche French Toast ($16.50)

French toast. Strawberries. Ice-cream. Nothing spells winning combo like this – and a winning combo it was! Personally I did not like the freeze-dried berries they included with this to the side (thought they tasted a bit funky), but my friend found them enjoyable. Would recommend!

Naked Bruschetta ($14.50) – Roasted pumpkin, pea & goat’s curd mousse, sage & konbu crunch, soybeans, pea tendrils, focaccia, 63c egg

This tasted the way it looked – it was not the most exciting dish on the table. It was just three pieces of bread, with other healthy looking vegetables. May not be worth the $14.50 price-tag.

Anita Gelato, Central Park

Jumbo size ($8) – Ferrero Rocher, Peanut butter and white chocolate and Pistachio

Ferrero Rocher takes the crown hands down. The other two flavours sucked after trying the Ferrero. It was perfect, with a generous amount of Nutella infused in it. We have a challenger here! GO ON, TRY IT NOW!!


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