McDonald’s Curry Sauce

This is a very popular sauce in Singapore and lucky me got to try it fresh off importation. So a little background: apparently it existed a long time ago in Australia before it finally got pulled, and apparently when it got pulled from Singaporean  McDonald’s stores, there was a national outrage. So how good is it actually?  And what do I eat it with?

So obviously the sensible thing to do is to buy the only thing on the menu that you can dip in to a sauce – chicken nuggets. Forget mainstream sweet n sour, this time we’re going with BYO (but wasn’t shameless enough to refuse sauce and give off the impression that I ate nuggets without sauce…)

Dipping Chicken Nuggets into McDonald’s Curry Sauce

The Review: I thought the consistency of the sauce was excellent because it was not too thick, but not so thin that it would drip along the table as you bring it from the tray to your mouth. The flavour leaned more towards a nutty satay taste, which reminded me of a satay chicken skewer from Mamak or Home Thai. It was a little starchy but has a short expiry date so I guess we can safely say that it doesn’t have too much preservatives 😀 Versatility is quite good – can also dip fries, McBites, pour it on your burger, apple die, drizzle it on your soft serve or take home and eat with rice or roti (the soft serve was a joke, I would never ruin my cone like that).


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