Jamie’s Italian – Sydney CBD

Jamie's Italian on Urbanspoon

The Top Line: Jamie’s Italian is one of the best and only choices for a good quality and modern Italian meal in the City area. I will be returning sometime to try the other stuff on their menu!!

The Review: There is no doubt that Jamie’s Italian has a lot of hype around it, simply because of the reputation of the man in the title. Upon looking at the online menu, nothing really caught my attention. However, their menu in-store does differ (plus they have specials – ask your waiter for that), so fear not!

Ground Level Dining Area – Jamie’s Italian

One thing to fear is the waiting line. Even for a Monday lunch, we got there at 12:20 and had to wait til 1pm for a table for two. When we went in, they gave us a nice large table for four people (could’ve easily given two parties that table but okay, I appreciate you giving your customers a good, spacious and comfortable dining experience).

Our waiter took a while to greet us, but when he did come it was the perfect time because we had just finished out difficult task of deciding what to order.

First up – Italian Bread Selection ($1.50) 

Italian Bread Selection – Sourdough, Homemade Herb and Crispy Breads ($1.50)

I would order this every time I come here. At $1.50 for bread, this isn’t just your ordinary bread. It’s very soft and you can feel the love when you eat it ^_^ It’s also drizzled in strong olive oil and balsamic vinegar dip that you enhances the flavour. I’d say the only bread comparable to this is the Sydney Tower buffet bread (which I love love love). Please save some of this bread to mop up the sauce from the pasta later!

Main Pasta 1 – Special of the Day – Buffalo Tortellini 

Buffalo Tortellini in a Pesto Sauce with Green Beans, Radish, Yellow Carrots and Asparagus - Main Size ($26)
Buffalo Tortellini in a Pesto Sauce with Green Beans, Radish, Yellow Carrots and Asparagus – Main Size ($26)

At first I thought it was quite small for a main size, and I was struggling to locate the tortellini’s amongst the jungle of vegetables. But as we dug our way through, tortellini by tortellini, we found ourselves fuller and fuller. The quantity was a perfect amount for satisfyingly full. The pesto flavour was mild and complimented the buffalo very well. My friend, who normally doesn’t like vegetables, even enjoyed the green beans on this dish. For something that would sound heavy on paper, this dish was surprisingly quite light and fresh on the palette.

Main Pasta 2 – Tuna Fusilli


This is a tomato based pasta and I couldn’t complain at all. Everything worked really well together and the breadcrumbs were especially crunchy, adding a beautiful contrasting texture to the soft flaky tuna and al dente fusilli, just the way I like it (Y) This sauce is beautiful to dip your bread in. Really good dish if you like your tuna and non-spaghetti pasta!


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