Reuben & Moore – Macquarie Centre

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The Top Line: A place where it’s okay to eat a Sandwich with a knife and fork. It’s fancy, it’s filling and you can’t go wrong with the classic Reuben Sandwich.

The Review: Reuben & Moore is located on the restaurant level of Macquarie Centre, surrounded by some tough and well-known competition like Grill’d, Nandos and Asake Japanese.

IMG_9360There are some comfortable high benches to dine in, as well as ones that overlook the ice-rink so you can eat whilst enjoying the view of skaters falling over.

The Signature Reuben Sandwich ($14.50)

The bread was really soft, moist and light with a harder crust (just how I like it). This infamous sandwich contains some of the most impactful and powerful flavours but surprisingly, they all complemented each other really well and I was not left with an overpowering taste from anything. The salted beef was really tender and the strong corned taste was cut through with the sauerkraut and pickle, which added an extra crunch texture. The sauce and cheese tied those two contrasting flavours together with the bread, through it’s creamy-ness (but not heavy-ness) and made this sandwich whole and complete.

[Front] Signature ‘Reuben’ Sandwich ($14.50) – Wagyu salted beef, swiss cheese, sauerkraut, pickles and mustard mayo on rye bread. [Back] Slow roasted pork shoulder ($14.50) – Pork shoulder, crackling pork skin, apple sauce and lettuce
Slow Roasted Pork Shoulder ($14.50)Β 

This one was made between a white bread and just appears a lot plainer than the reuben sandwich. The pork shoulder was quite dry and I could not tell it was ‘slow roasted.’ The addition of the apple sauce lettuce was really really good because it added moisture to the otherwise dry bread and dry pork. However, there was not enough sauce to sandwich ratio, which left us with some leftovers. Β I would definitely recommend getting the original Reuben Sandwich on your first go, but check out some other things on their menu – there are many interesting filling combinations that you wouldn’t find in a regular sandwich or burger shop.


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