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The Top Line: Feel like Thai food in a comfortable, dim and semi-fancy atmosphere? This is the your go-to place if you’re in the city (in line with Holy Basil). Much like your Chat Thai and Home Thai but I would say the atmosphere of the restaurant is relatively less “home-like” and a “step-up”, but if you’re only caring about the flavours of the food, I don’t see a difference, I actually prefer Home and Chat to this.

The Review:Β Looking through the menu, it looked like any other Thai menu so we decided to share and sample a few of their dishes.

Chicken Pad Thai ($12.90)

Chicken Pad Thai ($12.90) – Delicious thin noodles with sprinkles of peanuts and spices on the side!

A class favourite, with a classic flavour.Β This rendition was a bit on the sweet side but there was nothing wrong with this safe dish that instantly tells me I am in a Thai restaurant.

Charcoal BBQ Ox Tongue ($11.90)

This is a ‘starter’ dish that will test some of the more sensitive eaters. Thinly sliced ox tongue presented nicely on a wooden board with some Thai dipping sauce. The tongue itself was too chewy for my liking – chewy to the point of not being able to take a clean bite and thus having to resort to tugging it with my hands (or the alternative of shoving the whole thing in my mouth).

Lamb Cashew Nut Stir Fry ($13.90) with oriental vegetables and ginger + Charcoal BBQ Ox Tongue ($11.90)

Cashew Nut Stir Fry with Lamb ($13.90)

Chilli Basil.. Oyster Sauce… Ginger … nah we went for cashew nut jam, which was an excellent decision. All the ingredients were well acquainted, with the right texture (i.e. veges were crunchy and lamb was tender). I still found the flavour too much for my liking, but I supposed you have to eat it with rice. I have no idea how one person would eat this with a bowl of rice, so share it amongst your group!

Beef Pad See Ew ($12.90)

Beef Pad See Ew ($12.90)

Another classic safe Thai noodle dish. This one was too dark for me – like way too saucy and drowned out any freshness of the dish – well, I guess that’s what the lemon is for. The green vegetable was really good though!!

Roast Red Duck Curry ($17.90)

Yum! This curry had a mild, rich flavour but the duck was super tender and cut in to thin slices. It came with the skin on so there was that extra juiciness. The sweet addition of the pineapple and lychee worked really well to compliment and absorb the rich curry sauce. Be sure to have plenty of rice saved up for this!

Minced Pork Vermicelli Salad ($12.90) with tomatoes, red onions, coriander, shallots, chilli and mint – a real south asian flavour feast! + Roast Duck Red Curry ($17.90) with Pineapple, Lychee and Tomatoes

Pork Mince Vermicelli Salad ($12.90)

This cold salad had a very rich Thai flavour – by that I mean a lot of fish sauce and tang. The combination of ingredients in the salad was well matched and it could be a fulfilling dish on its own. Adds freshness with the addition of cucumber and tomato.

DESSERT – We were tempted by the dessert menu but were all still so full from dinner that it was not possible. I have, on a previous occasion, had their fried ice-cream (which is the same concept as the holy basil fried ice-cream) and would highly recommend you order it to share with another person if you still have room in your stomach after dinner. I just remember the muesli and caramel sauce to be wayyyy to sweet.

Green Peppercorn Fried Ice-Cream

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