George’s Cafe – Burwood

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The Top Line: This is a cosy cafe that delivers dishes by generous (humungous) portions.

The Review: Let’s make this short and sweet. A group of 4 friends enter this cafe on the corner of Burwood Rd. The interior is dim, and comfortable with their sofa seats, but you get a nice view of Westfield through the large glass panes that also let in natural light. This place really only gets busy after 1-2pm so I guess go early if you want your food fast, go later if you want the ambience (we waited for the ambience to pick up.)

The menu was not as big as I thought it would be – especially in the Salad and Burger sections (I wanted a nice pumpkin salad but all I could see was garden or caesar or greek..). What they do have in almost every combination is pasta, it seems.

The prices are a big hefty – but I realise they justify this by serving us with really big portion. If you’re in a group, I suggest you share your dishes because one dish could really feed two people, or you’d just end up a really well fed single person.

Service: Was not bad. Quite attentive staff, however the food came out really slowly. I realise it might be because the food we ordered generally take long and they like to get each dish out at the same time, but c’mon.. nachos could really be a starter…

George’s Cafe – Beef Nachos, Lasagne, Lamb Cutlets

Beef Nachos: Fresh out of the oven it was delicious and crunchy. There was a generous few dollops of sour cream, guac (very sweet guac?!), diced tomatoes and onions, large chunks of minced beef and lots of cheese on top. I was very happy with these nachos. Except when you eat the top layer – the bottom layer of chips were basically soggy and mushy so get in there quick!

Lasagne: I have not had a lasagne for a very long time (maybe years). This one came in a ceramic bake dish and the sauce/cheese was almost bubbling when it came onto the table. The lasagne itself was really soft – there was a LOT of sauce (which we ended up using to dip the chips), and not enough pasta sheets? Flavours were good though, and the addition of a side salad (with good dressing!) helped cleanse.

Lamb Cutlets: Really tender lamb. Lamb cutlets are my favourite cut of lamb and this did not disappoint. There were 5 generous cutlets (although each varied in their size and shape – some had a lot of fat attached) on top of a bed of chips and with a side of salad. The CHIPS were some of the best hot chips I have ever tasted – SO CRUNCHY and soft and there were NO DRY BITS, which was amazing. Dipping these chips in the lasagne sauce/nacho topping was the best.


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