Petaling Street – Sydney CBD

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The Topline: I love this place for its convenience, fast service and a really yummy and satisfying meal.

The Review: When I get bored of my Jap, Korean, Thai and Chinese foods… Malaysian is a good alternative. On the outside it may all seem the same but there is a distinct specialty to the flavours and the way it is served.

Petaling Street presents itself as a ‘Malaysian Hawker food’ style of restaurant. I really like the interior, as the large wooden benches and pictures of their dishes on the wall really adds a nice touch – but it is still so clean and comfortable. (I prefer the bottom level because there is more space, the ground level feels a bit crammed.)

I know straight away what I want – Hainan Chicken Rice.

Roast Chicken and Hainan Chicken Rice ($11.80) with Teh Tarik

The Chicken is so tender and the flavour is so subtle that it’s addicting. Eat it with the chilli and ginger sauces that are provided and you’ll have an extra zing and tang to your mouthful. The chicken rice (which is one of my favourite things in the world) is done beautifully here. Generous in portion and just plain yummy – I cannot fault it. The soup on the side is (thankfully) not too salty and quite pleasant. Works well with the chicken (i’m pretty sure it’s a chicken soup..)

The Roast chicken is just as tender as the Hainan chicken, which is really surprising because I expected it to be more dry. The roasted chicken will have a more roasted and smoked aftertaste.

They have a really special drinks menu at the back but sticking to the Teh Tarik is always safe. Let the ice melt a bit in your drink and you’ll have a really refreshing and satisfying milk tea πŸ™‚


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