Mammas Pizza & Pasta Bar – Sydney CBD

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The Top Line: Great casual place for Italian Cuisine in the heart of Sydney’s CBD. It’s hassle free, convenient, spacious and fast. Prices are moderate and you get what you pay for. I would recommend the lamb and potato pizza but try your luck with the menu!

The Review:  We wanted pizza night. We had various options in mind – GPO Pizza, Vapiano .. however due to time constraints, we had to abandon all plans and choose somewhere closer to central Sydney. That’s when plan B popped up – Mammas Pizza and Pasta! (To satisfy C’s desire of pasta while everyone else could have Pizza)

It’s a great place for any number of people – they have a large private function room upstairs that are often booked out by large groups. The lower level dining feels nice and contemporary and quite casual as well.

Chilli Mushroom Bruschetta

Grilled mushrooms, chilli, fetta cheese, basil, garlic and olive oil on toasted ciabatta bread

I ordered this to satisfy my cravings for mushroom. To be honest, it wasn’t really a traditional bruschetta as the toppings were served on a crunchy piece of toast. I liked the way the mushrooms were grilled, with the olive oil soaking through the crispy bread. The addition of feta on top was a nice touch to add some saltiness, however, you can’t really call this chilli mushroom as the chilli went unnoticed.

Caesar Salad 

Cos lettuce, bacon, parmesan cheese and croutons with a creamy caesar dressing

I wanted a salad on our table to give us a fresh break from all the heavy pasta and pizza. Out of the salads, this seemed like the best choice. I can’t really say anything about this caesar salad. It was indeed very basic. Everything was there but… nothing more.

Siciliana Pizza

Siciliana pizza – Grilled eggplant, capsicum, capers, olives, chilli, anchovies and mozzarella cheese on a tomato base

The pizzas come in two sizes – this was a larger size, which was quite decent – around the size of a thin n crispy dominos pizza. The flavours of this pizza was very strong and wouldn’t be suited to everyone’s palette – in fact, probably only quite a small population because of the anchovies, olives and capers. To me, I don’t mind these ingredients, I just found the combination of the three (and in the quantities that they appeared on the pizza) very overpowering and salty. I also felt the base was too crispy and there was not enough sauce (or the sauce was too thick).

Lamb and Potato Pizza

Lamb & Potato Pizza – Lamb, potato, capsicum, red onion and mozerella on a tomato base topped with shallots and crispy carrots

We found this in the ‘gourmet’ section of the menu and thought it sounded very interesting. Unfortunately we got this one in the smaller size and it was undoubtedly the favourite of the night. The flavours were very easy-going and to the liking of even the fussiest eaters. I found the lamb pieces incredibly tender.. to the point where a whole chunk of lamb would not come off if you bit it (you know the annoying part where you take a bite of pizza and the whole top layer comes off with the cheese? yeah, this lamb didn’t do that, it was good :)) There were white potato chunks on the pizza as well but the addition of the crispy carrot shavings was a pleasant touch! It was fun to eat with our fingers and added a nice crunchy texture to each bite. The shallots also added another depth of flavour, giving the entire pizza a burst of freshness. (Same deal with the sauce and base as the last pizza).

Pork and Fennel Meatball Spaghetti 

Pork and Fennel Meatballs with Spaghetti in Napoletana Sauce and Shaved Parmesan Cheese

There were only three meatballs on this dish. The meatballs were really nice, if you ignore that I couldn’t taste the fennel. You could’ve called it a normal meatball and I wouldn’t even notice the difference. The spaghetti was poorly cooked (as in, I don’t think much care was taken to cook it perfectly) and there was simply not enough sauce. Flavour was good but not enough to make this a memorable dish.

Beef Lasagna

Beef Lasagna – Oven baked with bolognese layers and a Napolitana and Bechamel sauce topped with Parmesan Cheese

This was a massive chuck of lasagna on a plate! It came out fairy quickly as well. The sheets of pasta were thin and the bolognese was generous between each layer. I found this to be a pleasant lasagna, if you’re ever in the mood for lasagna at a pizza shop..


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