Per Kilo – Wynyard, Sydney CBD

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The Top Line: This is an under-the-radar place for the moment. An excellent Latino choice for lunch, a great alternative to your usual Sushi or Sandwich while you’re in the city or working. The freedom for you to choose what you want and how much you want makes this place perfect for picky eaters and the pay as you weigh design of the restaurant will give you your money’s worth. The quality and prices here are all reasonable for this unique find in the CBD. I would definitely recommend dropping in and having a try!

Welcome to Per Kilo!


The Review: Walking down Erskine Street in Sydney (past Kent Street) you wouldn’t notice this place until you got to it. There’s a small sign on the street that is blocked by a bigger sign of the cafe right before it. Once you enter, you are confronted with a cash register and scale to the side and a cafeteria/buffet at the back (tip: head to the buffet area first).

The hot food section – a selection of latino dishes, sauces and salsas


Grab an eat in plate or a takeaway box and start choosing! The staff behind the counter will offer you cooked beef or chicken (I’d say take the beef, it is cooked so much better – it is tender, juicy and seasoned lightly. The chicken was more tough, and flavourless… it seemed like a brick compared to the beef).

Salads and Cold Salsas

Add a bit of vibrancy and freshness to your meal with the cold salad section – but undermine the food here. You’ll find some delicious and tangy cold tomato salsa, a selection of spicy/non-spicy traditional sauces, condiments and guacamole!

After grabbing your lunch, head over to the scale to weigh and pay!

Paella, Beef, Salsa, Beans, Empanada – $10.60

I thought the paella was mild in flavour – even with the addition of the chorizo. The chicken in the Paella seemed like the same chicken that they offered me at the start, except less like a brick and more flavoured. The rice was soft and fluflly – not sure if that’s what it’s supposed to be like…

I loved the cold salsa and the bean salsas (black beans over green beans anyday). The Empanada was $3 by itself on the menu. It was fried with a crunchy pastry. The filling was a beef and potato one and again, it was mild in flavour and I found improvements to the flavour by adding salsas to the Empanada.

Chicken, Roast Vegetables, Yuca (fried Cassava), Fried Banana, Guacamole and Salsa Salad – $10.70

I was keen to try most of what was on offer so I grabbed things that I had no idea about. The Yuca was surprisingly good, as opposed to the dry-ness of its appearance. It was slightly soft when you bite in to it and not dry at all. Roast Vegetables were a-okay. Chicken.. already complained about the chicken above. Guacamole and Salsa were fabulous! That triangular thing is what I assume to be a potato omelette-like concoction, which was not bad – slightly bland but soft and perfect for my tastebuds. The fried banana was a … no for me because the otherwise soft texture of a banana became rubbery and hard for some reason (not crispy..just hard).





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