Mister Gee Burger Truck – Burwood

Okay, let’s get this out. Burgers have been the biggest craze/trend whatever you want to call it in Sydney this past year. You’ve had Chur Burger, Mary’s, the Burger Project, and so on. I love and hate this trend. I love burgers, but I hate that I now know I love burgers, and every time a new burger place pops up, I will be tempted to try it.

This was exactly what happened with Mister Gee. I saw many variants of the same product everywhere – the Triple Truffle burger that looked oh so good, and apparently this amazing invention was made in a mobile truck that was currently located in a Burwood car wash on Shaftesbury Road. Okay, sounds legit…so let’s go!

This place opens only on Thurs, Fri and Sat and from 6pm until the burgers run out (usually before 10pm). My friend and I arrived there at 6:05pm, only to find that not only was the truck not yet ready, with its window still closed, but there was already a line of at least ten people waiting for it to open.


It finally opened at 6:15pm and we were in business! It was not hard to decide what we wanted because there was only one burger on the menu, the option of fries and also the baklava shake. Unfortunately, the Truffle burger was not offered this week, because they change up the menu every week so I hope to catch it when it comes back!


But they did have The Bird, which is a chicken burger.

The Bird ($11)

I apologise for the quality 😦  But we will just have to make do. (ps. scroll down further for better photos ;))This burger contained seared chicken, salad and melted cheese sandwiched between two soft, sweet milk (?) buns. I really think it was the sweet buns that tied it all together, or else it would have been a rather average burger! Overall, it was rather tasty, with the chicken not being dry which was what you’re usually afraid of when ordering chicken burgers. However, I really think they could have put a bit more sauce in it, which would have made it infinitely better! Dipping the fries in some of the sauce was so heavenly!

We ordered two burgers and fries (I also wanted dirty fries. Dammit. But these were normal fries… ) for a total of $26.


The fries were average and LACKED POTATO. Where the potato went, I have no idea. TBH, McDonald’s fries taste better…

UPDATE!! WE WERE BACK FOR FAT BOY! – so we could all be fatties once again.


Fat Boy ($10)

Yewwww, beef burgers! Get on ’em, boys. Beef burgers will forever be nicer than chicken burgers. Truth. Classic beef patty, melted cheese, sauce and lettuce between two sweet burger buns. I liked this better than “The Bird”. But really, to be honest, I don’t think these burgers are out of this world. I’ve had better and I reckon the lines are all a hype for this place.

Dirty Fries ($5)

These were better fries than the first batch. I suspect it’s because we ate it right after we got it, as opposed to taking it away and bringing it home before we did so – yeah never do that. These fries were still normal, but the addition of sauce, cheese and tomato bits made it better. They could’ve had more though… because these condiments never reached the fries on the bottom and sides 😦

Mister Gee Burger Truck on Urbanspoon


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