Swanky (formerly Xinjiang … and even more formerly Sea Bay) Handmade Noodle Restaurant – Parramatta

The Top Line: WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? It’s cheap, it’s tasty and it’s authentic. GO GO GO.

It all started like this – A friend recommended C to try Sea Bay in Burwood because their handmade noodles were apparently out of this world, and naturally, who could resist that? However, upon looking it up, both Urbanspoon and Google maps informed me that there was a Sea Bay in Parramatta! Yes, so as I was cheering the entire way to the alleged location of the store, I was half disappointed to find (understatement) that there was NO SEA BAY IN PARRAMATTA – BUT wait, there was something else in it’s place, and it was called Swanky (formerly Xinjiang), that also sold handmade noodles and … had pretty much the exact same menu (pretty sure it’s just a management change over). Thus, it was decided that this “clone” shall suffice

And suffice it did.

Priced at $9.80 a bowl, these noodles were so worth it.

Beef soup with handmade noodles

The texture of these handmade noodles was definitely one to be appreciated. Compare this to your instant noodles and wow, prepare to get blown away. These noodles were so soft and so springy (to just the right amount) AND they gave us a lot of it! The clear broth soup they served the noodles in was also pretty tasty, but you could tell it was loaded with MSG flavouring – at least it was great in the moment!

Personally, I thought there wasn’t enough meat though. When you think beef noodles, you often think of the Vietnamese dish, Pho, which is generally loaded with meat. However, the beef to noodle ratio was disappointing here, because while the noodles were good I ran out of beef well before the noodles were gone. Also the cuts of beef and lamb were similar to the stuff you find in the frozen meats section of the Asian supermarket – you know, the stuff you use in hot pot?

Lamb soup with handmade noodles

Back to portions though – it was extremely filling. Must have been the noodles – made it hard for self-proclaimed dessert queen yours truly to fit dessert in afterwards.

Sweet and sour fish ball noodle soup
Sweet and sour fish ball noodle soup

A friend ordered some sweet and sour meatball noodle soup – which is 100% not my thing. However, I gave in (for the sake of this blog) and tried one of the meatballs..we weren’t too sure what it was made of but I think we concluded that it was really funky tasting fish meat. Would not recommend.

Final Thoughts? BEEF NOODLE SOUP! (Or lamb)
Sea Bay Handmade Noodle Restaurant on Urbanspoon


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