Saigon Bowl – Strathfield

Saigon Bowl on Urbanspoon The top line: if you are in a casual mood for Vietnamese-asian-fusion, this is a place of great ambience to go to with small to medium groups of friends or family. The food is nothing special (not done with the same authenticity and attention to detail as Vietnamese restaurants), but it’s very comforting and will definitely fill you up. Ambience and Service: is what you you would expect from a casual lunch/dinner restaurant in the suburbs of Sydney. Very relaxed with staff being attentive enough to get your food to you (relatively quickly) with no fuss! 2015/03/img_2279.jpg Food: The menu was very extensive (needless to say I had trouble deciding) and portions were huge!!! The rice or noodle dish that you pick will have an enormous amount of rice/noodle. Even my chicken was mounted on. I would say the taste is not authentic Vietnamese (as this place appears to be run by Koreans), however the taste was not bad, in fact, it was very pleasant.

(Left) Steamed Maryland Chicken and Tomato Rice ($12.50) (Right) Combination Fried Noodles ($15) (Top) Pork Chop with Tomato Rice ($13)

Steamed Maryland Chicken: It’s just that the tomato rice wasn’t as fine in its flavour (didn’t quite hit the spot of comforting tomato rice) or texture (rice was very fat). My steamed chicken was flavoured nicely but also not “fine enough” – chicken could be more tender and cut better. (Still had pockets of chicken fat here and there). Pork Chop: the pork chop is a classic dish and it was done quite well. The flavours are there and the batter was impressively crunchy. The dipping sauce could’ve had more of a kick (especially on the acidic side). Combination Seafood Fried Noodle: again a classic canto dish. I found the noodles here especially thick. My counterparts felt they were normal.. But anyway, the combination topping was nice and full of flavour. In some respects I found less of an “msg” flavour here than in canto restaurants, I dunno, maybe they don’t use it! Value for money: the dishes were all decently priced, on the border of expensive, but the portions were incredibly filling so I would say value is okay. Overall: 6.5/10


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