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The Top Line: There is definitely a lot of hype surrounding this little establishment away from the hub of Macquarie Centre. The food is definitely unique and innovative elements are thrown around to create wonderful combinations. It draws in quirks from Asian cuisines (using the Singaporean heritage as a springboard for their flavours, which was particularly prevelant throughout the menu), the hipster cafe scene and modern dining – meshing these concepts in to an ingenious little cafe.

IMG_2421 2
Open plan kitchen

10 minutes walk away from Macquarie Centre, there is really nothing else around this cafe apart from residential units. The location seems somewhat desolate but entering the cafe makes you feel warm and welcomed. It is a casual and light-hearted atmosphere, with doors that open wide and windows to the ground, that really makes you feel out in the open, yet cosy – perking you up for breakfast or brunch.

Open plan dining, casual and relaxed atmosphere

We are greeted by the lovely Uel, who gives us a table and menu 🙂


Obiviously confused about the coffee aliance with Reuben Hills, but hey, I’m not complaining! It was fun and exciting scanning the menu because of their brilliant puns and elements you just would not find anywhere else!

Snap, crackle, plop! 

Snap Crackle Plop ($10) – Chicken rice, crackle, onsen egg

This was on the 11:30 menu – so come after 11:30 if you want to try it! It’s a spin off the classic Hainan chicken, with a chicken rice base, peas, chicken skin crackling and a soft onsen egg on top. (They really like their onsen egg, it’s almost on every dish!) The presentation was lovely and delicate for an otherwise what seems like a simple dish. I enjoyed the al dente texture of the rice, really getting the chicken and ginger flavour through your taste buds as you chew. The peas are a necessary part of the ‘snap’ and adds a bit of freshness. The crackling chicken skin is beautifully crunchy and satisfying. You can feel the burst of oil with each crunch. The onsen egg just oozes out all over the rice and when you combine all the elements together, you get a mouthful of comfort.

Waffle Belly

Waffle Belly ($17) – Potato waffle, braised soy pork belly, onsen egg, mushrooms, cabbage

Waffle belly comes from their all day breakfast menu and is a spin off the classic waffle-bacon breakfast combo, replacing the bacon with Asian soy braised pork belly. Firstly, the pork belly was amazingly tender and you could tell as soon as you cut into it. The fat to meat ratio was quite perfect and the flavour of the braise was rich and soulful. The potato waffle .. as opposed to a flour waffle (?) has a really nice chewy texture in the middle! There is a slight crisp edge which was unfortunately gone quickly because of the oozing egg and the pork belling resting on top. There was also a side of shrooms of three kinds which worked really well with the pork belly. Red cabbage added freshness and crunch – it wasn’t there for nothing!

Chocolate, Banana and Peanut Butter Smoothie + Ginger and Lemongrass Iced Tea

Chocolate, Banana and Peanut Butter Smoothie ($7) + Ginger and Lemongrass Iced Tea ($6)

OK, the drinks. The chocolate banana and peanut butter smoothie was not on the physical menu (ask for the specials menu) but I’m glad I ordered it. I enjoyed the subtleness of each flavour, yet I could definitely tell they were there. Much better than the overbearing sweetness a lot of other cafes drown their milk in. The lemongrass and ginger tea was quite disappointing because the there was no tea… and the flavours were not prominent enough (the ginger wasn’t present at all) and tasted more like tap water with lemongrass in it.

Overall, the food and the ambience of the cafe were definitely up there. The quality of the food was especially high with attention to detail. The drinks were a little less impressive. The prices are a little on the expensive side but give them a try for yourself (especially if you are an MKR fan)!


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