Cafe the Jabez – Lidcombe

I came here for one thing, and one thing only – and I got exactly what I wanted.

The Top Line: If you’re looking for the best bingsu (shaved ice) in Lidcombe, I think this is it. And if you’re anything like me and would like to try what I personally think is the best bingsu ever, this is also it.

This cute little cafe is actually little. It only holds four small tables that could seat two people each, and the cafe itself is easy to miss as it is basically a furnished hole in a wall. At 4pm on a Monday, we had decent trouble finding a spot – so we decided to wait, since this was the whole purpose of the trip out to Lidcombe (in the mean time, we went to try some fried chicken from Crispy Cluckers down the street – it was average, imo).

Once seated, we ordered it. What did we order? Well, there was no question about it – the red bean shaved milk ice with soy bean powder.The small size was $12, and the larger size was $15. With three people, the small was enough because it began to melt really quickly (keep in mind that this was one of those nearly 30s Sydney days). We had to wait about 10 mins before this arrived – except unlike at Strathfield’s Red Pepper, the service here was beyond what was expected. I suppose this could be attributed to their smaller operations.

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The guy was very friendly and when he brought the dessert out, he asked if this was our first time having this dessert. We told him that it was, and he kindly advised us not to mix the dessert like one would usually do with bingsu. This was because the texture of the shaved milk was very light and fluffy and would melt rather quickly if we mixed it. Instead, we were meant to just scoop and eat. No regrets – the first spoonful had the best melt-in-your-mouth feeling. It was so fluffy and soft that you couldn’t even detect any of the usual ice bits in it. The flavours all went together really well. The guy also kept asking us if we were enjoying it and whether we wanted extra condensed milk or red bean paste. We asked for extra condensed milk, and he quickly brought some out for us in a small bowl :’)


Location: 1A Joseph Street, Lidcombe, NSW, 2141 – it’s right next to the real estate agent on the corner of Joseph St and Railway St opposite the train station!


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