Red Pepper – Strathfield

Woo KFC time! No, not your red and white fast food chain, but Korean Fried Chicken! And what better place to have it then at Sydney’s own little Korean town, Strathfield. Recommended by a number of people, I was told there were two things I had to try here – their flavoured, saucy fried chicken and their shaved milk dessert. Yes please!!

The Top Line: They serve pretty damn good fried chicken – but as always, at a premium so come armed with a couple of friends and order the full size because that’s where the value is to be had! Definitely finish up your fried chicken diet with some delightfully refreshing shaved milk ice (so good, but not quite as good as Lidcombe’s Cafe the Jabez). Would recommend/10 😉 but only if you’re okay with subpar service.

This place is not on the main section of Strathfield, so unless you were looking for it specifically, it is easy to pass. It is located inside of Strathfield Sports Club and at 7pm on a Friday night, it was absolutely packed.


“Gangjang is a traditional Korean bite-sized cookie made of puffed rice, honey, peanuts, and sesame seeds without artificial ingredients, gangjung is sweet and cripsy and also known as a healthy and low-fat diet snack loved by all. Incredible chicken gangjung was created to be healthy, sweet and crispy.”

Sounds just like one of those baited marketing promos huh. Yeah, that’s what I thought too – went pfft, healthy? Low fat?

Soy Sauce Gangjang (H $17) – Crispy fried chicken smothered in rich savoury soy sauce

THEN THIS GLORIOUS DISH CAME. Well, no surprises, because it was fried chicken – what can you expect from fried chicken. We had so much trouble deciding between soy sauce gangjungincredible gangjung and snow cheese chicken. We ended up settling for the soy sauce gangjung in half size, and damn was it good (in terms of taste)! The chicken wasn’t dry at all and was covered it a sort of sticky, savoury glaze, assumably after its been fried. Full of flavour! Except, I kind of forgot to mention that it took them 30 minutes before we could get our dish – so please be prepared to wait! Also, the half size only came with 8 pieces of chicken. We looked over to the tables next to us with the full size and they got considerably more than double the amount of chicken, so that is our advice to you for step one – obtain more friends.

Snow Black Ice (Small – $12)

We ordered the Snow Black Ice after we were done. This was basically a rendition of shaved ice with mochi, red bean and almond flakes topped with a layer of black sesame powder. The ice was made with 100% milk! It was similar to the one at Lidcombe’s Cafe the Jabez, but not nearly as fluffy and as “melt-in-your-mouth” – although it did melt slower, which was good. However, getting this was just so frustrating … we waited for like 30 minutes for this to come out – like everyone else’s came out but ours didn’t 😥 we even asked them like twice for it, but it just took so long because they were rather disorganised and busy. 

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3 thoughts on “Red Pepper – Strathfield

  1. RED PEPPER IS THE BEST! I would love to recommend the Crispy Spring Onion chicken next time you go! Super crispy and the honey mustard sauce makes everything even better. But yeah, I do agree that it takes way too long for the food to come, and I did the same mistake of ordering just half sizes cause I underestimated my stomach capacity.

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