Poong BBQ – Eastwood

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The Top Line: In Eastwood, you’ll find a great selection of Korean restaurants – and this is one of the best in terms of the quality of their food, service and restaurant ambience.

You can have the option to BBQ or just eat from the menu and we chose to save the hassle of cooking, and let them do it for us! The good thing was there was no overbearing BBQ smoke smell in the restaurant, meaning their ventilation is very good. The restaurant itself also underwent a revamp last year and has come out looking cleaner more spacious and more modern than before.

Poong in Eastwood


To be honest, I was never ever optimistic about a Korean Seafood Pancake. I thought they were pretty much all-dough + tiny bits of seafood, a bit like a soggy pizza. BUT THIS ONE HAS CHANGED ME. This was the perfect Korean Seafood Pancake and I would go back to this restaurant just for this. I could see myself craving this. Although it was thick (it was massive btw, great starter to share and get full on!), the base was still crunchy!! Furthermore, it wasn’t bland but it wasn’t salty. The best thing – there was an abundance of seafood chunks on this including whole prawns! The addition of the dried fish on top added an extra layer of flavour, as well as made it visually spectacular, as the flakes danced on the pancake when it is brought to the table. The dipping sauce was also mild and went extremely well with the whole pancake!

Seafood Pancake with selection of side dishes!!

Did I mention the side dishes?? I cleaned each side dish out completely – there were some special ones on there including tempura bean stalks, spicy chesnut cake – plus my good old favourites – kim chi, potato salad and seaweed πŸ™‚

We also had the beef bulgogi sizzling plate – which was a classic dish that I craved and goes so well with yummy fat n fluffy korean rice ^_^ This version was on the sweet side, but the beef was cooked really well and I liked the accompaniment of vegetables in here as well.

Beef Bulgogi


They also specialise in takeaway and eat in Korean Fried Chicken in two flavours for $29 a plate. We physically could not down a whole plate of fried chicken so we gave that a miss, but this is definitely a good viable option for Korean in Eastwood!



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