Pappa Rich – Macquarie Centre

The Top Line: There are crazy lines outside Pappa Rich – always – at every store (Chatswood, Parramatta, Macquarie Centre, Ultimo). So the hype must be worth something, right? IT IS! I highly recommend this restaurant if you need a quick fix of Malaysian or Asian hit. Roti, Rice, Hainan Chicken, Curry, Stir fried noodles, noodle soups, laksa .. your hot and spicy world of beautiful cuisine awaits.

I couldn’t help notice a roti on every table as I entered Pappa Rich. I was so happy while I was entering, by the way, simply because we had to wait for our number to be called – yes, even though we got there quite early for lunch (12ish?).

Popular Curry Chicken Roti – with dhal, curry chicken and sambal

They have a self-order system when you write your order on a piece of paper and hand it to the staff. This is quite quick and efficient and there is minimal talking required. I went for the Roti with Curry Chicken – which was said to be a popular dish on the menu (it said this on the menu), so I trusted it.

How did it turn out? It was divine!! The roti was so fluffy but not filled with so much air that I got hungry straight afterwards – it was actually substantial. And the best part, it was so crunchy 🙂 🙂 I love my crunch and this roti gave me crunch without taking away from the fluffiness of the flour. OK so let’s go through the condiments.

The dhal was a classic and one of my favourites because it’s not spicy. It’s flavours are just a pleasure to eat, like I can relax and dip my roti in them. The curry chicken in the middle – wow. Firstly, if you can’t handle spice, this isn’t too spicy!! It’s very mild but the flavours are so rich and comforting. The best thing, though, is the tenderness of the chicken to the point of being melt in my mouth. And eating this together with roti was just, chocolate and strawberries. The Sambal – okay, I had a taste and I can safely say it is a super tasty chilli sauce!! So so tasty and addictive, but just incredibly hot.

Need something to counter the curry and spice? Try a drink!

Soya Milk with Bandung (Blended)
Teh C Special
Barley drink with Herbal Jelly
Barley drink with Herbal Jelly

The pink one was a blended soya milk and rose water drink, which had a very subtle rose taste lingering with every sip. It was good because it wasn’t too sweet. It was icy and chill and a very refreshing compliment to the meal.

The middle one on your right is a special Teh C drink with three layers from bottom to top – gula melaka syrup (which tastes like brown sugar syrup), evaporated/condensed milk and tea. After mixing it together, you’ll find yourself with a beautiful and smooth milk tea.

The last one is a Barley and herbal jelly drink with a very light flavour and small pieces of barley floating near the bottom (somewhat like oats in texture). So good and refreshing to combat any meal at PappaRich!

Hainan Chicken with Rice
Hainan Chicken with Rice

With any Malaysian restaurant, you have to try see what the standards of their default dish is! A classic Hainan chicken dish can take you to heavenly clouds or leave you disappointed in your seat. The chicken in this was super tender, no doubt about that and the flavour was there, but it wasn’t the bestttt flavour I’ve had (I think Petaling street Hainan Chicken reigns supreme!) BUT in saying that, it was still a good dish! The chicken rice in this was flavourful quite tensile, beansprouts added crunch and freshness, while the dried onions on top was just plain enjoyable. The sauces were a perfect compliment to chicken and rice together and you just find yourself eating away at this dish until you’re full 🙂

CAKe rating: 9/10

I’m definitely going again..

[Update! I went back!!]

Biryani Rice with Beef Rendang and Sambal Prawns
Biryani Rice with Curry Chicken and Sambal Prawns

I was really keen to try this Biryani Rice because it’s something I’ve never tasted before!! The rice in itself is mixed with fragrant spices, peas and raisins and it’s definitely something special – I really enjoyed it because it was just so fun to eat, the flavours dancing around in my mouth. The Curry Chicken again hit the spot, just like last time. I cannot fault it at all! It’s just perfection! The Sambal Prawns were quite basic. The Sambal sauce definitely carries a punch of flavour but the prawns in itself weren’t the type I preferred .. haha, in other words, lacking texture.

Tip for this dish: Take that piece of cripsy flatbread off as soon as it comes to your table, otherwise it will lost it’s crispiness and become soggy. Also, mix everything together and enjoy the flavours!!

Ipoh Koay Teow Soup with Steamed Chicken
Ipoh Koay Teow Soup with Steamed Chicken

This next dish is also a Malaysian specialty, something that you would be quite rare to find in other restaurants. It’s basically a really soft chicken broth with wide, flat rice noodles and beansprouts – plus a side of steamed chicken, i.e. the same chicken as in Hainan chicken. The subtlety of this dish was really soothing from a heavy curry rice dish. The plainness of the dish is compromised with that bit of chilli on top, as well as the steamed chicken which just melts in with the other flavours of the soup.

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