Spice I Am Eating House – Surry Hills

The Top Line: Only if you’re super keen to try some hipster Thai food because the food actually wasn’t bad – less intense palette than Khao Pla in Chatswood, but other places, such as Time for Thai offer much greater value for good food. Personally would not recommend as it was rather pricey for the serving size (although tasty).

The review: The first thing I did when I got to the table was to assess the menu, where I tried to suss out what looked really good and what I wanted to try…yeah, half an hour later I was still undecided. Reading the descriptions of the dishes, nothing really popped out at me such that I would be like “i need to try that!!” The foreign names also did not help – please, where was the pad thai and pad see ew?! What is a “hoi ob sauce makhua thet”? and what about “kra dook moo mai fun”? Yeah.. completely at a loss.

After much struggle, we finally settled on the two safest options: Mee Pad and Cha Kuay Teow. But after we ordered, it took them over half an hour to get the food out to us. I might have even underestimated that time because it was almost 9pm before we got our food.

FullSizeRender (2)
Mee Pad ($18) – Stir rice vermicelli noodle with tamarind puree, palm sugar, hard bean curd, bean sprout, spring onion and coriander topped with sliced plain Thai omelette.

The Mee Pad had a strong tart taste. I’m rather impartial to vermicelli to be honest, but this wasn’t bad. Also, just to be critical of the description, I’ve no idea what a Thai omelette is, but I could tell you that it’s just normal plain egg. The cashews were a nice addition to the dish, and even the coriander was bearable in this dish (usually I would pick that stuff out heh).

However, the next dish was better:

FullSizeRender (1)
Cha Kuay Teow ($18) – Stir fried flat rice noodle with prawn, cuttle fish, fish slice, dark soy and house made chilli sauce. 

Reading the description, this was the closest thing to my favourite at any Thai restaurant, i.e. pad see ew – and it pretty much was that, except they thought it would be fun to mess with me and use a different name for the dish. This was rather tasty, and the chilli sauce actually improved it! The chilli wasn’t overpowering like that at Khao Pla, but it wasn’t completely absent – I would say it was just right esp. for someone who usually turns down chilli.

Except, for the price point and serving sizes, I did not think it was worth it. My friends ordered the “Phuak Neung Tod” which was basically like one big spring roll with dipping sauces, and this cost $14! Offt.

FullSizeRender (4)
Black sticky rice ($10)with warm coconut cream

This dessert also ended up at our table. My friends had initially wanted to order the Tubo Sago and the Baked Taro Cake, but turned out both were unavailable and this forced them to settle for the last $10 option left, which was Black Sticky Rice. In fact, one of the black sticky rices came out and we didn’t even know why we had two, until we called the waiter back and asked why. He simply told us “yeah we ran out of taro”. Okay… well, thanks for telling us after you bring the alternative out and without asking us before hand …  Also, we had asked them to bring out the desserts the same time as the mains specifically but these still came out at the end, and after asking for it like three times. Talk about subpar service and long waits.

Anyway as for the dessert – I personally thought it was nice at first, but already with my little taste I could tell it was waaaaay too sweet. The black rice was very prominent and for some reason it kind of also tasted like red bean. My friend didn’t like it at all. Would not recommend anyone to have this dessert on its own – it’s just too much!!

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– C


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