Assamm Thai Eating House by Chat Thai – Town Hall

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The Top Line: Very similar to Chat Thai. Wouldn’t mind coming here for more satay chicken skewers!!

The Review: This Thai restaurant is hidden from the busy walkway to Townhall station. I notice it every time I walk past but never got the chance to actually check it out. It is located on the bottom level of QVB, tucked behind T2. I was actually craving Chat Thai’s chicken skewers that day but was too lazy to walk to The Galleries so we settled with the closest Thai restaurant (which happens to be part of Chat Thai’s Empire! Win!!)

20150320_142657 20150320_143336

Assamm offers a wider variety of Thai dishes than Chat Thai and they also do Thai fusion dishes too. We went at an awkward 3pm in the afternoon so there were barely anyone in the restaurant at that time. Being the starving beasts that we were (because who eats lunch at 3pm…), we all ordered from the ‘I’m not sharing!’ menu.

Satay chicken skewers

Here is main dish of the meal!! I love my satay chicken skewers! I felt like these had a heavier peanut taste than other Thai restaurants. An all time favourite. It sucks that I can’t find the same peanut taste from other closer Thai restaurants.

Padt thai – this dish has eggs, dried shrimps and peanuts
Padt siew – stir fried wide rice noodles with chicken, egg and Chinese kale in dark soy sauce

We played it safe and ordered both classic Thai dishes – padt thai and padt siew. When the dish arrived at our table, my first impression was ‘wow these servings are tiny!’ but don’t be fooled! My tummy was very satisfied in the end. I think the massive round plate gave the illusion that the serving was way smaller than it was. The padt thai’s noodles were a bit thinner than the usual ones – which I prefer anyway- but my friend who ordered it would rather have the slightly thicker kind. The taste of the dish however, was pretty average – it was good but it didn’t have the wow factor for me and didn’t really leave an impression.

– K


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