Anita Gelato – Central Park


^ I hope you don’t need anymore prompt. Check out our Ultimate Gelato review here.

The review: If you follow our Instagram (@itscaketime_) you would probably know by now that our diets consist 80% of ice cream and 20% other stuff. Not the healthiest, but hey, at least I’m having a good time 🙂

FullSizeRender (1) This was my second time to Anita, and its about time it got its own blog post. This is by far my favourite gelato/icecream place to date and yes I think it’s better than Messina, better than N2, better than Cow and the Moon, better than Aqua S. I was not paid to say this, but that is my honest opinion (psch I wish I was paid to do these reviews, but apparently my passion for food exceeds all :P). This is the one most underrated gelato place in the Sydney CBD (but that means less lines! Wooo)

After having a rather oily dinner at Frankie’s Pizza, we decided it was time to wash all that down with some quality gelato. The staff there are friendly and are more than happy to give you as many samples as you want – so don’t be afraid to ask! 🙂 This was helpful, because although I had my favourite flavour (read: Ferrero Rocher), I wanted to try some other new ones as well. I was told Cookieman was the best by a friend, and I tried it – honestly pretty good especially the texture because there are real cookie pieces in it, but I didn’t get this, because it was a bit too sweet (even for my high sugar tolerance hahaha).


FullSizeRender (3) I also tried Strawberry & Cream and that was great too. Except, I ended up opting for one of their seasonal flavours (i.e. the orange looking one next to Cookieman in the above image). The flavour was Apricot Jam and Cheese (I think…I asked the staff like twice for this but I still managed to miss it both times heh). This had a very distinct flavour and it was very creamy. The flavour was more subtle than the other two flavours I got though. FullSizeRender (2) Just look at how popular the Ferrero Rocher is 😀 The one flavour I was super keen to try this time was the popular Watermelon & Mint flavour. On its own, this was so nice and refreshing. It was a sorbet based gelato and the strong mint flavour complemented the watermelon very well. Although I would think the mint flavour might be too much if you don’t really like mint…I’m kind of impartial to it, depending on what its served with, but this, I enjoyed.

FullSizeRender (4)
Ferrero Rocher, Watermelon & Mint and Apricot Jam and Cheese (Jumbo size, $8)

Alas, we got the above combo! The unanimous favourite was still Ferrero Rocher and its Nutella tasting dollops of goodness. Personally, I would not recommend getting this specific combo, particularly with the Watermelon & Mint sandwiched between the other two flavours as that overpowered the others. It was quite difficult to taste the Apricot Jam & Cheese after having the other two stronger flavours – separately however, would recommend/10.

Also, at 8pm on a Wednesday night, the atmosphere here was really nice for a good chill session with a bunch of friends, esp. as it was a bit more removed.

– C

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