The Tea Room – Queen Victoria Building, Sydney

The Top Line: High tea is one of life’s pleasures that you don’t fully appreciate until you experience it. If you’re in Sydney, The Tea Room in Sydney’s archaic Queen Victoria Building presents a classy, heavenly room that will make you feel like royalty while dining on a selection of fine sweet and savoury treats.

The Tea Room
The Tea Room

There are three reasons to go to high tea – to savour the food, to enjoy your company and to take advantage of the brilliant photo opportunities. Many people actually forget about the actual tea element but with a choice of 30 flavours, The Tea Room will inspire you with aromas that will tickle your senses. We chose the Chai Tea and Nilgiri Mountain Tea. The tea came in a little silver pot with loose leaves so you had to use the traditional method of pouring it through a strainer in to your beautifully decorated tea cup. #Fancy (LOL I still spilt some tea) The Chai was beautifullllll, so soothing on it’s own but enriched with a level of depth if you add a dash of milk and a piece of brown sugar cube. The Nilgiri Mountain tea was comforting, a bit fruity and palette cleansing.

Morning Tea and Afternoon Tea Tier
Morning Tea and Afternoon Tea Tier

We ordered a morning tea and afternoon tea tier – the only difference was that the afternoon tea tier had an extra spinach and cheese pastry + scone. The best thing about high tea here was the unlimited supply of Sandwiches!!

Afternoon Tea Tier ($45)
Afternoon Tea Tier ($45)

The Sandwiches

– Salmon and cream cheese: A classic high tea favourite, very creamy, very smooth

– Ham, pickle and mayonnaise: Really good combination. The mayo tasted really pure, natural and wholesome.

– Sweet chutney: This was a slightly sweet chutney that was made from (what I presume) onion, mango and capsicum in a red salsa dressing. This sandwich was really mild and light, distinguishing it from the other creamier options

– Prawn mayonnaise: Prawn and mayo classic

– Cucumber mayonnaise: A favourite for fans of cucumber (i.e. MEEEE 😀 )

All the sandwiches had a lovely soft bread, in three varieties – white, poppy seeds and multigrain. My favourite was the multigrain with its different seeds that gave it variation in texture and a nuttier flavour.

The Scone: The scone was the BEST SCONE EVER and the CREAM AND JAM combination was heavenly together!! I can’t explain it, the jam was sweet but not too sweet, it was full of berries. The cream was smooth and light with a nice vanilla flavour. The scone itself had a thin crispy layer but when you broke through the dough it was fluffy and melted in your mouth without sticking to the roof of your mouth (unlike a bad scone).

The Truffle Pastry: This came as an extra to the afternoon tea and omg, it was divine. The pastry simply snapped and was wafer thin. The filling was a creamy truffle flavour, tasting like cheese and mushrooms, basking in its glory of umami flavours. There was a light layer of oil on top, together just melting in your mouth and leaving the most lingering, satisfying after taste that will tempt you for more. IMG_3341 The Sweets:

– Fruit tart: pastry was thing and perfectly cooked. The vanilla cream filling was light and airy and perfectly adjoined the fruity with the pastry in a harmonious sweet marriage

– Mango jelly, raspberry and lemon cream slice: Tropical flavours in between lawyers of soft pastry, this was one of my favourites off the dessert tier.

– Salted caramel macaron: The salt was like a smack in your face for a second but then dissolved nicely with the rest of the macaron. Arguably too sweet, but a decent good macaron for any sweet tooth.

– Chocolate mousse cake with peanut brittle: This slice gave variations in each of its three layers. The mousse was so lovely and light with just the right amount of chocolate flavour. This was actually my favourite treat and a great way to end the entire experience. The only thing was that the peanut brittle could have had more of a snap, but that did not at all ruin the chocolate cake!

Last Words: There was a 2 hour time limit for each sitting. I could’ve easily spent another two hours just sipping on all sorts of tea and enjoying the perfect atmosphere of light and casual conversation. The service was super friendly, polite and professional, always taking care of your needs and making sure you have the best high tea experience. I really really enjoyed it 🙂

– A&CK

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