KoKo Black Salon – Town Hall

The top line: Come here if you want to indulge yourself in some good quality chocolates. Definitely try their chocolate salon as well. The cabinet chocolates are slightly expensive however, the salon is reasonably priced (similar to Max Brenner but the quality is better) and worth visiting.


The review: Originating from Melbourne, they finally came to Sydney and recently opened up at The Strand Arcade and QVB. A few of my friends who had tried their chocolate recommended their cabinet chocolate range. The Strand Arcade store has a chocolate salon/cafe where you can sit down and enjoy their chocolate goodies on the spot. Just head down the staircase behind the cabinet chocolates and a friendly staff will greet you.

Salted Caramel Delice – Caramel chocolate mousse, caramelised white chocolate brulee with a chewy caramel centre
Inside layers
Inside layers

This salted caramel mousse is hands down one of the best (if not, THE BEST) caramel delice ever. The combination of the fluffy mousse layer and the inside layers, drizzled  (soaked, because I accidentally poured too much 😀 ) in their caramel sauce is a match made in heaven. The taste is very similar to a mars bar but better. Though, my friend and I both thought the star of the dish was actually the caramel sauce. It had a very strong and sweet caramel taste. Although it was sweet, it wasn’t sweet to the point where it just tasted like sugar. Would definitely come back again for this baby.

Chocolate Hazelnut Cluster – Dark chocolate hazelnut brownie topped with a chewy milk chocolate caramel and a Gianduja Cremeux

The Chocolate Hazelnut Cluster is still pretty good. My friend, who already had this in Melbourne before, ordered it again this time round. Overall, the bottom half of the layers was very rich and the caramel layer (which I was expecting to be chewy) was actually soft. The roasted hazelnuts and sheet of chocolate at the top were crisp, balancing the texture of the dessert very nicely. We ended up drizzling our leftover caramel sauce from the salted caramel delice onto this. No regrets.

Cabinet Chocolates

Aurelia Champagne Truffle (left back), Salted Caramel Milk (left front), Dark Pistachio (right back), Chai Tea (right front)

Aurelia Champagne Truffle Creamy white ganache infused with Marc de Champagne -This was recommended to me by the lady and she said this is one of the most popular truffles and I can see why, because this is actually my favourite one out of the four. The center of the chocolate had a really creamy, melt-in-my-mouth texture and a subtle champagne taste which was not too strong but also still noticeable.

Salted Caramel Milk Cocoa butter caramel in milk chocolate balanced with flakes of pure sea salt – The prominent sea salt taste was the first thing I noticed and then the caramel chewy center overpowered the lingering sea salt taste. The center was very chewy and it tastes exactly like the caramel sauce I had for the salted caramel delice!

Dark Pistachio Almond and pistachio marzipan enrobed in dark chocolate – I’m not a fan of marzipan but definitely like pistachio and pistachio flavoured things. The pistachio flavour here was really subtle since the marzipan flavour and texture overpowered the pistachio. I could only taste the pistachio flavour because I knew what the chocolate was but if someone gave this to me without knowing, I might have not even picked up the taste at all.

Chai Tea Milk ganache infused with chai tea and topped with a crystallised petal – Well… I didn’t get a crystallised petal on mine but that’s alright 🙂 Definitely tastes/reminds me of chai tea lattes – pretty much the same thing but in chocolate form. I’m not usually a fan of chai tea lattes but I like the taste of this.


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