Work in Progress – Wynyard

The top line:  Come here if you’re not too picky with wonton noodles. Good location. Great atmosphere. Friendly staff 🙂

The review: I’ve been suffering from the lack of authentic wonton noodles ever since I came back from Hong Kong. Mak Man Kee in Hong Kong has the best wonton noodles! The springiness of the noodles and the thin and soft wonton skin has to be JUST right. So when I heard about Work in Progress and saw pictures on Instagram, I knew I had to try it and I had high expectations for it.


Work in Progress is a pop up restaurant/bar by Merivale that opened up recently in Wynyard. It didn’t have any fancy signs in front of it and we nearly walked passed the entrance. Once inside, my attention went straight to the colourful pop art walls filled with posters everywhere. It was really nice that they put a lot of thought into the interiors for a pop up.  We were welcome by two friendly staff as they showed us the menu which was divided into 3 sections – fried chicken, snacks & veg and noodles.

Supreme Wonton – wonton mein, egg noodles, pork & prawns wonton, supreme broth

We opted for the classic and simple option of wonton noodles. When it arrived, I was actually quite surprised at the size of the  bowl. It was larger than what I was expecting but still small for the price ($16). Prior to coming, people have pointed out that the serving size was tiny so I mentally prepared myself for a small rice-sized bowl, hence I was surprised that it was larger that what I imagined :P) The texture of the noodles wasn’t AS springy as Mak Man Kee but it wasn’t soft and mushy either which is a big no no for me. And the skin of the wonton was SLIGHTLY thicker than what I was expecting. The wonton filling (a mix of pork and prawns) reminded me of those prawn balls from Chinese supermarkets. I’m actually quite disappointed with the pork and prawn filling since I was expecting the taste of plump prawns in my mouth.

So all in all, I was actually quite disappointed with this version of wonton noodles. BUT it’s because I can’t help but keep on making comparisons to Mak Man Kee’s wonton noodles. If I never tasted Mak Man Kee’s, I might have been more satisfied and less disappointed. I know a lot of people are loving this version of wonton noodles and are coming back for more.

Other than that, I really like the vibe of the place. It was chilled with music playing and the place was buzzing with people talking and catching up with each other. The staff was also very friendly and quick to your attention. Other than the wonton noodles, I’ve noticed that most tables also ordered some fried chicken and shallot pancake and they look really good! I might actually give this place another try and maybe order their fried chicken!


Work in Progress on Urbanspoon


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