Condor Japanese Restaurant – Wynyard

The Top Line: Just your average Japanese restaurant. Serving sizes are decent, but I wouldn’t say it was the most affordable meal I’ve had. However, be prepared for long wait times and being pestered by fruit flies when you’re sitting outside.

Tired after a walk around Sydney Harbour, we were very keen for food. Original plans were to visit Ramen Ikkyu but unfortunately none of the buses went there and we simply couldn’t hold off any longer. With very limited knowledge of what joints existed at Wynyard, a google search brought us to Condor Japanese Restaurant, which was literally right next to Goshu, another Japanese restaurant on York Street. Upon arrival, we it turned out Goshu was closed and was due to open at 5pm. It was 2:30pm, so we opted for Condor – the two places looked the same, with similar looking menus anyway. There were a decent amount of people there for after lunch time.

The food:

After waiting for what felt like an eternity (I think more like 20-30minutes), we finally got our food. At one point, we just wished we ordered some entrees of gyoza since we were so hungry.

Wagyu Beef Hot Pot
Wagyu Beef Hot Pot

The wagyu beef hot pot came with a side of rice and salad for $15. This was a bit of a disappointment, because the wagyu beef was like the thinly sliced stuff that I wasn’t really expecting. Imagine the clumps of beef you might get at some Pho restaurant – yeah that. There was also a couple of pieces of tofu and a perfectly boiled egg. Tofu was just tofu, but it tasted good with the hot pot soup (now this  (i.e. the soup) was good!). And as a sucker for eggs, this was a good egg. However, the wagyu was still a massive let down and so it would not be something I’d recommend.

Tempura Don
Tempura Don

The vegetable tempura was massive. The serving size for this was more than substantial and even for someone as hungry as us, it was left unfinished. It came with a side of salad and miso soup. I myself am not a fan of miso soup so I can’t be the judge as I refused to even try it… but apparently it was one of the better miso soups my friend has tried.


The okayodon was basically chicken and egg on rice. It also came with miso soup and salad. This was more on the blander side, which resulted in a lot of soy sauce and chilli oil adding to the dish to make it taste better.

Actually, this brings me to the fruit flies. Not sure if this is a common occurrence but we noticed fruit files hover over our table. At the end of the meal, we also noticed that a fruit fly had managed to make its way into the spout of the soy sauce bottle and had proceeded to get stuck to the side wall, covered in soy sauce. Yeaaahhhhhhh…….could safely say that we weren’t going to use that soy sauce again.

– C

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