PappaRich – Parramatta

The Top Line: PappaRich serves consistently good food (see A’s review of the Macquarie store here). I think this sort of Malaysian food, over somewhere like Mamak. Hmmm, or maybe I just don’t order the right stuff at Mamak hahaha. Highly recommended – I really like this place.

This was C’s first time at PappaRich – oh how exciting! We got to the restaurant for a rather early dinner at like 5pm. At that time, perhaps there were like three groups of people dining, so it was rather empty. Yes, we beat the rush 🙂 The waiter explained to us how the ordering worked- so you look through the menu, note the code, and fill in the code + the quantity you want on this form, and then press a button alarm to call someone over – rather efficient, I must say.


So classic me, before I left the house I did some research and some Urbanspoon snooping – it seemed like the general consensus that the deep fried chicken skin was one of those ‘so bad, but so good you have to try it’ dishes. Well, being me, I just had to order it. Yep, sorrynotsorry waistline, this stuff was so tasty especially when dipped into the sweet and sour sauce.

We also looked around and noticed that almost every table had this dish too! (and what do you know, flipping through the menu we saw that many dishes were chicken based – our theory is that they have to serve us lots of chicken so that they could skin them and deep fry their exteriors to cater for the high demand people have for this amazing invention).

Pappa Deep Fried Chicken Skin ($6.90)

We were both really keen on ordering a laksa, so we settled in the curry chicken laksa. The noodles they used here was not the usually laksa noodles that we were used to. It was more of the thicker noodles, kind of like Hokkien style noodles. Usually I love that sort of noodle when stir fried, but in laksa it was kind of tasteless because it doesn’t really absorb the flavour. Loved the fried onion and tofu though! The broth was also very nice, and although it was advertised as spicy, it was not spicy at all.

Curry Laksa (Chicken) ($13.50)

This crispy egg noodle dish was on point. It was similar to the stuff you found at Chinese restaurants, except I think they cracked an egg over this and this upped it to the next level 🙂

Crispy Egg Noddle ($13.50)
Satay Mixed (6 pieces) ($13.90) – 3 sticks of satay chicken and 3 sticks of satay beef

Warning: The following two photos were advertised as drinks – highly recommend you to treat these as desserts and order them at the end or near the end of your meal. This came at the same time as all the other dishes and we had no idea what to do with them because it was too early in the meal for the sugar hit. The soya milk drink was just cold soya milk with sweet pudding at the bottom. This was okay, but got sickening sweet really fast.  The Matcha Rocks drink was pretty good, and was better than the soya milk – however, that scoop of ice cream threatened to melt so I had to alternate food and ice cream throughout the meal.

Soya Milk Pudding + Cincau ($4.90)
Matcha Rocks ($7.50) – Green tea soya with red bean + green tea icecream

However, just a thing with the customer service. We didn’t have much space on our table, so we put our water bottle and cutlery on the adjacent table so we could have more space – but the waiter/waitress kept taking it away as if we didn’t want it anymore! We turned around and looked for it and it was gone 😦 so when it was nearing 6pm (i.e. proper dinner time), even though we obviously had heaps of food left, the waiter came over and asked us if we were done. Yeah, not cool haha.


PappaRich on Urbanspoon


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