Manmaruya – Ashfield, Sydney

The Top Line: Manmaruya is my favourite go-to affordable Japanese restaurant, that has embedded its reputation in the inner-west and southern suburbs of Sydney. Consistently tasty bento lunch boxes and tasty ramen!

Ashfield store on Liverpool Road – 2 minutes from the station!

Really warm and comfortable interior to the restaurant, great for families, individuals and couples! It wont leave you feeling crammed or rushed like other Asian restaurants!

Interior - So spacious and comfortable!
Interior – So spacious and comfortable!

I always come here for the lunch time specials. They have Ramen and Lunch Bento Boxes starting at $10! This is so much cheaper than the regular Bento boxes (around $16-19) but it does lack the sashimi that comes with the premium… Service is friendly and relatively fast! Waited around 15 minutes for all dishes to arrive!

Takoyaki - $6
Takoyaki – $6

Started with a favourite Japanese snack – Takoyaki, or octopus balls. They were really nice and crispy on the outside and steaming hot and soft on the inside with chunky tender octopus pieces. Super tasty! However, the inside was a bit empty for me … (see picture below).

Empty Takoyaki ball :(
Empty Takoyaki ball 😦

Let’s hit the Bento! Each lunch bento came with a mixed salad, seaweed salad, rice, miso soup, ginger condiments and piece of Inari Sushi. Great value!!

Karaage Chicken Lunch Bento $10
Karaage Chicken Lunch Bento $10

Karage Chicken – a classic Japanese style fried chicken. I always love this, as it is consistently super tasty and fried to perfection! This competes with Korean fried chicken and I would say I like this more. Comes with a beautiful rich Japanese Mayonnaise and lemon wedge that work super well together (acidity and fat certainly balances the fried goodness). Chicken was super tender and juicy!! The servings were also super generous for $10!

Chicken Namban $10
Chicken Namban $10

This is another favourite of mine – Chicken Namban. It’s a flatter fillet of pieces of whole chicken that is coated in a lighter batter (halfway there to tempura) and fried, topped with a lovely thick egg mayo sauce, analogous to a tartare sauce. The shallot salad on top of that added some spicy and freshness to the chicken. There is also a nice dashi sauce (like the ones you find with agedashi tofu with the chicken), which makes it beautiful to eat with rice!

I love this restaurant!! Satisfies my Japanese cravings every single time! 🙂

– A

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