Sushi Tengoku – Kingsford

The Top Line: Worth trying if you’re in the area I guess. Personally, I thought there was nothing too special about this place – maybe if I had tried their signature Volcano Maki then … yeah so much regret. More on that later!

Note: They open at 5pm for dinner. Therefore, we had to wait for it to open after we were done at uni. That’s okay, but protip: pretend instead you’re waiting for the bus heheh. As UNSW students, we pass by this place every single day to and from uni. Finally, after 2.5 years, we got to try it.

First customers of the night!

IMG_6855This was their menu. Yes, I know what you’re thinking. We, too, were shocked and surprised they had no menu with pictures. This made everything so much harder 😦 We also all felt like bento boxes, but those were takeaway only…$13 each though, fyi.

Gyoza ($4)

This looked like the stuff you get from the frozen section of the Asian grocery store hahahaha. Unsure how it tasted as I didn’t order this, but yes, keep that in mind.

Takoyaki ($4.50)

I swear you can’t go wrong with takoyaki. I love takoyaki and this takoyaki made me happy. 🙂

Soft Shell Crab roll ($15)

You can ask all my friends what my favourite sushi roll is and they would undoubtedly say the spider roll, which is pretty much the soft shell crab roll. I’ve had cravings for this for a while, and finally I ordered it. It did not fail to meet my expectations and of course the ends of the rolls were so good! (and super filling).

This brings me onto the other dish that this place is famed for, and that is the Volcano Maki. This was the first thing in the menu and the description sounded rather good. It was priced at $16 for like 7 pieces so being me, I thought that was a bit pricey as each piece looked tiny. Let me tell you, SO MUCH REGRET when other tables ordered it. So please order it and tell me how it tastes so I could have an excuse to go again!

– C

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