Sparrow’s Mill 참새 방앗간 – Sydney CBD

The Top Line: Once you go KFC (as in Korean Fried Chicken), you never go back. The Snow Cheese fried chicken ticks all the boxes. This place has the same menu as Red Pepper and so is therefore the exact copy of that place – minus the shaved bingsu dessert!

The review:

Snow cheese chickenSnow on the branches fried chicken (cheese) H $18 / W $34

Snow cheese chicken is what I’ve wanted to try for a very (extremely) long time since I heard about these glorious fried chicken places; since before I even went to Red Pepper … since various bloggers posted images of it on Instagram. Don’t even get me started on Instagram. That thing is the reason why my wallet is always empty; why I’m always eating all this glorious food; why I really need to go to the gym.

BUT ANYWAY, after waiting for like 20 minutes (service seems to be consistently slow at these places – be prepared to wait!), this chicken came out and the smell of the cheese powder was so familiar…! But we couldn’t quite put a finger on it … I think the closest thing is that cheese powder they put on those potato chip sticks you find at the night markets in Chinatown. There were eight chicken pieces and each was generously battered and powdered with this mysterious artificial smelling (and tasting) cheese. It was a good combo though and I could imagine how good this would taste, esp. if you had some beer to wash it down like a true Korean 😉

It was really dry though – can’t deny that. Would recommend you ordering something on the side, like the other soy glazed chicken, or even some of their other dishes. As this was our second stop of our spontaneous eating journey of the day, we weren’t really in the mood so we went to get some ice cream instead (from where else but Aqua S!)


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