Cre Asion – CBD

The top line: Hidden in a small alleyway behind several commercial buildings, this small cafe is the perfect spot for a small and intimate catch-ups with a few close friends. Make sure to order their hot matcha lattes for the perfect hand warmers on cold days. And they’re famous for their macarons so be sure to grab a few sweets to go with your drinks!!

The review: This little cafe has been on my to eat list for a few years now but never actually tried it because of it’s inconvenient location – unless you work in the nearby office buildings or going there specifically, you probably won’t even notice it. I got lost on my way to Cre Asion (this was after looking at Google maps) and directionless me had to call C for help since she successfully found her way there and was already waiting for me.

Located in a small alleyway, Cre Asion has an industrial exterior design which if I happen to walk past it, I wouldn’t notice it as a cafe from afar.

Exterior of the cafe
The menu
Hot matcha latte

Their matcha lattes definitely had a strong bitter matcha taste to it. Unlike other cafes, our drinks were served in a ceramic bowl instead of a cup and we really like this idea because it also acted as the perfect hand warmer on cold and windy days 😀

Best hand warmers ever 😀
Raspberry and Lychee (left) and Yuzu Lemonade (right)

And how can we not forget about these famous macarons since Cre Asion is famous for them!! Their flavours have an asian spin, ranging from green tea to umeshu. We got lychee and raspberry (left) and yuzu lemonade (right). The raspberry and lychee macaron has a more prominent raspberry flavour while the yuzu lemonade has a strong citrus flavour. I noticed there was a glistening/glittery top layer of the macaroon. Not sure if the ‘glitter’ actually added flavour to the macaron in any way but it sure made me feel extra special eating it 😀


– K

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2 thoughts on “Cre Asion – CBD

  1. i love their strawberry milkshake macarons! will def have to try the green teas soon, you have me craving it!

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