Crown St Fish Shop – Surry Hills

The Top Line: Definitely check it out if you’re in the market for fish and chips! It has a nice vibe and atmosphere – very unlike your standard fish and chips shop..maybe because it does other seafood as well, like oysters … and has a bar.

The Review: This was a completely unplanned and spontaneous trip, which formed leg two of our food crawl that day. We were on our way to the city for a brunch date when I was scrolling through Broadsheet and found out that it was Crown St Fish Shop’s birthday – and in celebration they were selling fish and chips for just $1 each!!! IT WAS FATE so we decided that we deserved to have a second lunch that day. No regrets.


Although, we did feel a bit weird ordering one $1 serving of fish and chips to share between two people – but even foodies know their limits when it comes to the volume of food one could consume. It was a bowl of oily goodness – whatever you’d expect from fish and chips 🙂 but yeah, must admit, not the healthiest of dishes, but who can complain? You get what you ask for.

They also had all sorts of tabasco sauces on the table, as well as your standard tomato sauce and salt etc. The smoked tabasco sauce tasted rather nice with the chips (but only in the tiniest of quantity of course hahahah). Also, fun fact: their table numbers are printed on a fish that was dangling from a fishing rod! How cute is that?! :’)

– C

Crown Street Fish Shop on Urbanspoon


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