Rice Workshop – Westfield Sydney

The Top Line: Fast, tasty and cheap (for Westfield Sydney especially)! Good for a quick and easy lunch if you’re in the area. Although some might find the serving sizes a bit small (apparently its Melbourne branch is ‘better’ but then again, we’ve never been, so we could not attest to the accuracy of that statement).

The Review:

Rice Workshop opened in Sydney in the last two weeks! Wooo food pioneering. It’s located next to Snag Stand in the food court on level 5 and its menu pictures looked oh so good. It’s quite similar to Mappen Menya or Oiden etc, but just without the self-serve aspect. They did have some tempura goods though, and salad!


After much indecision we ended up ordering: Beef curry with rice, teriyaki chicken udon, ontama beef rice bowl and the ontama teriyaki chicken rice bowl. K enquired about their icecream (they have black sesame and green tea for just $2!) but unfortunately their machine wasn’t working properly…which sucks because if you follow us enough, you’d know that we’re super keen beans for all sorts of icecream. Anyway, when our orders arrived, oh boy did I regret not getting a dish with the egg. THE EGG LOOKED SO GOOD and I spent the rest of the meal oogling in jealousy over the beautiful egg that so appropriately on top of the rice bowls my two friends had. Just watch out, next time I will be back, egg πŸ˜‰

My dish was the teriyaki chicken udon, because it was cold out and I wanted some warm soupy meal. The teriyaki chicken was very tender and soft, and also very flavoursome! In my opinion, they were very tasty pieces of chicken and I really would just go back to have the chicken again. (Although I do recall my friend saying they tasted a bit burnt…but I think she got a bit unlucky). The udon was just your average udon, on par with Mappen Menya, and the soup was your standard – the stuff that would make you thirsty afterwards so make sure you hit up Cha time for a milk tea like we did πŸ™‚

Keen to go back and try their rice dishes instead next time, because you know, it’sΒ RiceΒ Workshop after all.

– C

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2 thoughts on “Rice Workshop – Westfield Sydney

  1. Westfield Sydney food court is so close to my work – I’ll defiantely be checking out Rice Workshop for one of my lunches soon. I’ll make sure to order an egg!!

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