Mad Pizza e Bar – Surry Hills

The Top Line: If you’re sick of Crinitis and Dominos, give this place a try! Although it has multiple outlets, Mad Pizza e Bar did not feel like a chain restaurant. The quality of the food was top notch and I loved the variety on offer!

Welcome to MAD!

The Review: If sounds like something out of Alice in Wonderland … I dunno, I guess I’m just thinking of ‘Mad Hatter’, but the decor of this restaurant is very comforting, with the red and white table clothes, dim lighting and tea candles on each table. I can see this as a great venue for groups (long benches on offer), families, small groups or a romantic date 😉  It was tucked away nicely in the side of Surry Hills but very conveniently at the bottom of any hill in that area and super close to Central station!

Interior, very warm and comforting
Interior, very warm and comforting

I had trouble choosing a pizza flavour because there were so many on offer!! AND they were more than your average Supreme of Hawaiian flavours! How does ‘roast pumpkin slices, red onion, mint & pinenuts with chilli &
caramalized balsamic’ sound? Or what about ‘braised lamb shank, shaved red onion, roasted eggplant, cumin, yoghurt dressing and wild rocket’? Mmmmm….. SO IN THE END, we decided to get…. Aranchini Balls for entree!

Mr. Aranchini $13.50


These were soooo exciting! Porcini mushroom & truffle filling inside a crunchy rice crumb… it was fried to crunch heaven and what really made it 10/10 was the tasty tomato salsa at the bottom with olive oil (that created a pleasant base taste for the balls) and then the thick creamy sauce with fresh basil leaves on the top really rounded it off. I really enjoyed this entree – definitely recommend you order it!



PINO’S BALLS – “Tomato sauce, mozerella, pork & fennel sausage pieces with roast peppers, bocconcini, pinenuts, red onion & basil”

Firstly, I think the other two pizza’s were better. BUT in saying that, this was not bad. The flavours were there and it was a very delicious first bite. However, the sausage pieces were a lot smaller than I expected and were basically just pieces of mince (couldn’t really taste the fennel there). I did like the basil and the pinenuts. In general, this pizza can get boring and a few more toppings would’ve been lovely!


TIBIA – Tomato sauce, Mozerella, braised lamb shank pieces,  shaved red onion, roasted eggplant, cumin seeds & yoghurt dressing and wild rocket”

I had my eyes on you! This pizza definitely delivered!! The lamb was so beautiful and tender with deeply infused flavours, probably from its braise. Every single ingredient on this pizza worked well with each other and it made me come back for more.. and more.. and more. OMG the yogurt dressing was to the best sauce to have drizzled on top!! It MADe it! (haha, punny)

OTTO BIANCO – “Mozerella, thinly shaved potato, bocconcini, sliced serrano jamon proscuitto, chilli, garlic & rosemary (white sauce base)”

OK this seemed nice upon description!! I have this thing for potato pizzas. This was above average but only slightly. The pizza was NICE but I would describe it as very mild in flavour, a blander flavour palette – in comparison to the other pizzas. This was especially so because the sauce was also white, which meant the whole pizza lacked that acidic punch. The only way you could enhance the flavour of this was to make sure each bite had some proscuitto on it. What was nice about it was the creaminess of the bocconcini, potato and sauce – but at the same time it doesn’t feel heavy! It was a good break from the stronger flavours of the other pizza 🙂


Lemon and Lime Biiters
Lemon and Lime Biiters

OK, this was hands down one of the best lemon and lime bitters – not out of a bottle! They mix it in their bar and it was super refreshing, crisp and perfect to wash down the pizzas with! Skip the coke for once and order this!!

Was really happy with this meal 🙂 Will return if I ever feel like some fancy dine-in pizza 🙂

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