Kaysone Sweets – Cabramatta

The Top Line: Need a drink or a snack? Look no further than this little Vietnamese juice and snack store! I’ve never been to Vietnam before, but I’m sure it must resemble it … to some extent…

The review: Already filled to the brim from Vint Phat yum cha, I was determined to try this legendary durian and avocado smoothie all the Cabramatta locals seem to know about. If the locals have it, then it must be good right?! Damn right it was good – worth all the calories and sugar.

Durian and Avocado smoothie – $5 for regular; $6 for large

I’m pretty sure they just put in some durian, avocado, condensed milk and some other liquid (milk? water?) and then blend everything up. It wasn’t too sweet even with the condensed milk in it – in fact, the flavours of the durian came through very well! The avocado couldn’t be tasted, but I believe it definitely made the whole drink creamier, and probably dampened the flavours of the durian and the sweetness of the condensed milk. I would definitely recommend this combo! If you don’t like durian, then I heard the avocado smoothie by itself is pretty good too. However, for myself, I might try the durian smoothie without the avocado for a stronger durian hit 😉

As I was waiting for them to make my drink, I also noticed their little snack food area. They had taro chips and sweet potato chips, which smelled SO GOOD. They also had banana sticky rice and you could opt to have this with or without coconut cream! It was honestly so sad I was so full already, but I would definitely come back for this next time!

– C

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