Mado Cafe – Auburn

The Top Line: A lovely decorated Turkish restaurant with friendly staff, really tasty kebabs and delicious desserts! Great find in Auburn!! Apparently their Turkish tea & coffee are divine, must go try that next time!!

MADO CAFE - Don't miss it!
MADO CAFE – Don’t miss it!

The Review: This place has so much space and character that you can find yourself transported to the middle of the East! The outer bench displays gelato, delicious sweets and a brief menu with pictures, but if you’re looking to sit inside, they offer full table service which you should take full advantage of! They have outside seating as well, but why would you sit outside, when you could sit in a place like this!

Nice Furniture!
Nice Furniture!

Double Shish Kebabs $16.90: Check out this beautifully seasons and juicy sticks of shish kebabs! The chicken was my favourite because it was super tasty from the very first bite. The Adana, which is a minced lamb kebab, was also tasty, and the texture was very robust. It was nice when it first came out, but if you’re a slow eater and leave this for too long, the mince meat can turn rubbery and hard!! The side salad was incredibly necessary and dressed well in vinegar and herbs. The underdog of this dish, though, was the turkish bread underneath. It wasn’t the classic fluffy turkish bread you get in sandwich shops or supermarkets. In fact, this 1/4 of the thickness, but it was still light and fluffy and you can wrap your kebabs in it like a wrap…….. instead of a sandwich…. :O

Chicken and Adana Double Shish Combo
Chicken and Adana Double Shish Combo

Turkish Lemonade: OK this was really interesting, and we tried it out of sheer curiousity. It tasted of sugar, a lot of artificial lemon flavour and bubbles! Basically, it was a lemon candy fizzy drink! It wasn’t bad, so go for the first try (!), but I think I would still prefer schweppes.

They call it 'Turkish Lemonade'
They call it ‘Turkish Lemonade’

Oven Baked Rice Pudding (Firinda Sutlac) $5.50: This rice pudding was delicious!!! I kept going back for more and more and my favourite part was near the top, where a little crust had developed. But in general, the texture was so smooth and comfortable to eat! It was overly sweet, which was wonderful, so you could eat a lot of it without getting sick! This whole thing was just super blended and melt in mouth 🙂

Turkish Oven Baked Rice Pudding Dessert
Turkish Oven Baked Rice Pudding Dessert

Kesme Maras $7.50: They call it the only icecream you can eat with a knife and fork. Well, when they serve it out, it is rock hard and you can barely scoop it with a spoon. Also, it’s put on a plate so that makes spooning rather difficult. In saying that if you leave it at room temperature for around 10 minutes, it starts to become edible and produces a stringy creamy texture (much more so than your average Bulla ice-cream).

Kresme Maras
Kresme Maras

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