Sydney Madang – Sydney CBD

The Top Line: It’s Korean food. If you want relatively good Korean food, this is where you go. If its KBBQ you want, you could also get this here. Personally, I’d go to 678 for KBBQ, which is close by and many times better – but if you can’t, this place is not bad, especially if you want something other than KBBQ.

The review: Ahhhhh alleyway Korean in the heart of Sydney just off Pitt Street. Just imagine groups and families waiting outside the door for a seat on a chilly Saturday night. This place was definitely popular.

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42. BBQ Modeum – Bulgogi, ox tongue, chicken, pork, king prawn, octopus, mussel

For 6 people, we ordered the mixed plate, marinated beef bulgogi, and marinated whole squid for the BBQ. The seafood was hard to cook, as we didn’t know when it was cooked and therefore safe to eat…personally I don’t really like having seafood at KBBQ anyway. The bulgogi was delicious however. Also, be careful cooking the squid – we were told, 7 mins on each side, but when we tried to turn it over, we made a hole in the foil and all the marinade started to spill out 😦 also they didn’t give us lettuce. Make sure you ask for lettuce!!!!!

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Marinated squid wrapped in the foil (on the left) and the delicious marinated beef bulgogi cooking (on the right)!
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Marinated whole squid

For something more substantial, we ordered the cheese seafood dubokki and seafood pancake. They were extremely generous with the cheese but once that was gone, the dubokki became too spicy for me – but that’s just what normal dubokki does to me usually as well.

79. Haemul Dduk Bok Ki – Seafood and rice cakes topped with cheese

Seafood pancake is a must have staple at every Korean restaurant – and the seafood pancake at Madang is very well made, soft and fluffy on the inside and light and crispy on the outside! Make sure you use the sauce 🙂

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Seafood pancake

– C

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