Boon Cafe – Haymarket

The top line: Enjoy a quick catch-up over some super cute Thai food. Recommend to try their range of Thai drinks and gelatos. They have really interesting flavours such as cashew butter, guava & chilli sorbet, salted palm sugar and pomegranate & persimmon sorbet and you can pick your own choice of sauce (salted caramel, pandan or kakawa dark chocolate) .

The review: Boon cafe is hidden inside a Thai supermarket in Sydney CBD’s Thaitown. We came here on a whim one day after uni and arrived at 3pm. While there were onlyΒ a few customers seated inside the cafe, their Thai supermarket was already bustling with people doing their groceries. The interior design of the cafe is super cute with fresh flowers on every table and bikes hung up on the on the walls.


We got the Pandan and coconut gelato bun sprinkled with soft popcorn (initially wanted the cashew butter gelato bun but unfortunately they ran out 😦 ), also got the Pandan croissant  and of course, the classic Thai Milk Tea. Their gelato flavours seem to change each month which is pretty exciting!20150519_155117

For the pandan croissant, there was also an option of choosing either sourdough, croissant or just plain white bread. The Thai milk tea had the perfect sweetness level – not too sweet or too bland. Really glad I got this drink since I had cravings for Thai milk tea for a few weeks already. Cravings satisfied. πŸ™‚20150519_155404

Although the pandan and coconut gelato bun was presented prettily, it was actually really hard to eat or scoop the bread out from the small jar since the outer layer of the bread was hard and crispy. We ended up taking the entire bread out of the jar and left the ice cream inside and ripped pieces of bread to dip into the ice cream. Yeah, ain’t nobody have time to be civilised when there is melting ice cream.Β IΒ really liked the coconut ice cream and even my coconut-hating friend also enjoyed it. It had a subtle coconut taste with bits and pieces of soft popcorn inside and on top of the ice cream, creating an interesting texture. Add pandan sauce to that and voila~ perfect. But would I get the gelato bun next visit? Probably not, because the size of it is a tad small and I don’t particular enjoy their choice of bread either. However, if there is an option of just the ice cream and sauce I would love to get it again. I’ve seen photos of just the ice cream on instagram but I didn’t see it on their menu during our visit.


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