Essen Bier Cafe – Ultimo

The Top Line: The atmosphere is quite bustling and loud, the servings are quite huge, the wooden interior and glass panes make you feel like you’re in a snow cottage, the bier list is quite extensive … Essen is just a little bit German 🙂

The Review:  I like my hearty German food – the Schnitzels, Sauerkraut, Kartoffel variations and pork pork pork! But I don’t like it overpriced! That’s a good reasons to come to Essen 🙂 Slightly cheaper than other well-known German Restaurants, and very good location next to Central Park, although still a little bit hidden, making it more of a treasure (i.e. less mainstream HAHA).


ENTREE: White bean chorizo soup and Munich malt $8

This soup was thick and smooth and delicious!! It was rather salty, but you get used to the deliciousness of the white bean flavour! The chorizo may sound scary in an already salty soup, but it was great 🙂

That Smooth and Silky White Bean Soup $8
That Smooth and Silky White Bean Soup $8
MAIN: SCHLACHTE platter for TWO (Duck goulash pork belly blutwurst bratwurst red cabbage potato dumpling $65) 
Translates to “slaughter,” this platter is a like a walk through a forest of meat!
Schlachte platter

Lets go from Left to right –

1) Pork Belly with cracking – the pork was excellent, tender and not dry at all! It was on a bed of white sauerkraut which complements pork perfectly! The crackling, however, was a bit tooooo hard. It was like biting into tree trunk – it was SO crispy, that it was hard, but the flavours of the crackling was salty and if it was crushed up and sprinkled onto the belly with sauerkraut, this would’ve added an extra dimension to this corner!


2) Potato Dumpling – interesting concept! Never had anything like this. It was mushy but tense. It was grainy but smooth. It was like a chewy mashed potato gnocchi thing with a very savoury flavour, great compliment to the meats and sauce, though, and the only carb on the plate, which is very needed!

3) Bratwurst – Just a really normal sausage with flavours of a Frankfurt and crispy skin

4) Goulash – Yummmmmm!!! This was a little pot of spice filled hearty meat goulash with sour cream on top. This went very well with the potato dumpling and I liked eating it on its own as well. What would’ve been lovely would be a piece of nice German bread to dip and soak up the sauce!

5) Blutwurst (Blood Sausage) – Such a strange thing, and one that will need getting used to. The flavour was a bit off putting at first, however I got used to it and was tasty with the red cabbage! The texture was even more strange with its mushiness. What made this was the apple sauce on top 🙂

6) Duck – This was a bit overcooked, and the flavours didn’t really go past the skin. But I was hungry and it looked the most appealing on the plate… In terms of meats, the pork belly was cooked much better.

Duck Leg
Duck Leg

TO DRINK: Some strange Austrian Herb Soft Drink 

This tasted like …. fizzy apple cider with a hint of herb – not the gross herb!! But the nice refreshing ones 🙂 I liked this better than the pear and apple juice!!

Austrian Herb Drink

Check it out!

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