Haven Specialty Coffee – Surry Hills

The Top Line: Its a stone’s throw away from Central Station – SO WHY HAVEN’T YOU BEEN YET ?!

Seriously, you could see the orange ‘T’ for Central train station in this picture! 🙂
Autumn HashBraised lamb with roast pumpkin, pickled radish and poached egg

Ozzy poached egg? ✓ Well flavoured and textured pumpkin? ✓ Tasty lamb meat that’s not too dry? ✓ Crunchy pickled radish? ✓ This dish, as my first at Haven, checks all the boxes. Not only did it taste very good (I liked the pumpkin the most! Definitely made sure I got every last bit of it off the skin), but also looked so aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Bonus points!

Roasted plum parfaitwith citrus fruits and coconut sago

Really like this dessert dish. Although the plum pudding is meant to be the main component of the dish, I actually enjoyed the sprinkles of coconut, sago, sultanas, grapefruit, orange etc more than the plum pudding itself. While I could actually taste the plum flavour from the pudding, the sweetness level and flavour of the coconut and citrus fruits overpowered it. But to be fair, I do have a sweet tooth and prefer citrus fruits over plums so I may be biased heh ^_^ I still love this sweet dish and I’m already craving a whole bowl of this already.

Update 1: Now onto our second visit (26/06/2015), burgers! Man, these things had two person servings per dish!

Pork Belly Kimcheese BurgerFive spices roasted pork belly, kimchi, bocconcini cheese, grated apples, kale, sesame omelette and shaved radish

GUYS. THIS IS HAVEN’S SIGNATURE DISH! The one that’s written all over their boards. The one everyone raves about. You can’t not try this (!) It’s $19 but it will last you until dinner trust me.

I’ll let you on in a secret: Two days ago, I would always leave the kimchi side dishes at Korean restaurants untouched. I believed I ‘hated’ kimchi – it’s cold, spicy and just unpleasant. On its own that is. A friend of mine told me to try pork belly wrapped in the kimchi when we were at KBBQ the night before (obligatory PSA: 678 Korean BBQ is the BEST) and my life changed (I still hated kimchi on its own though, that bit didn’t change at all…).

ANYWAY, so back to this pork belly kimcheese burger. It was all I could have ever imagined – and moreeee. The nice waiter recommended that I actually put the two halves together, and eat it with my hands like a normal burger, instead of using the cutlery. Once assembled, it became a monstrosity of a burger, where the fillings could hardly stay between the buns. The kimchi juice also dripped all over my hands BUT IT WAS SO GOOD! I’m so glad I got over my dislike for kimchi just 12 hours before hahahahah. also the guys here provide great service – they saw my struggles and came over with a napkin :’)

Genmaicha Tea Roasted Chicken Burgerwith fried cabbage and flaked almond

This burger is huge!! Ate this with the two halves opened up and it felt like I was eating two servings of it. Indeed, I was very full after the meal and was STILL full when I had dinner. I didn’t end up finishing the burger – not because it was yummy, it was really good – but I just couldn’t stuff myself anymore. C finished her burger ages ago and just watched me as I struggled to finish my burger. #lifeofasloweater #sorrynotsorry  Anyway, great burger. VERY generous with the chicken pieces and the size of the chicken pieces too. LOVED the sauce – it was the highlight of the dish 🙂

Mochawith extra sweetness and aroma. Made with 73% Madagascan dark chocolate!

At this place, the food is just a bonus. A very good bonus, you know like when you win the lottery and then suddenly you get all these hotties appearing out of nowhere? Well, the food here is like when you win absolutely nail the coffee and you get some complimentary food that just happens to be extremely tasty. I’m not even sorry for that analogy *insert smirk here* HAHAHA.

The mocha had amazing presentation – do it for the photos at least! There were some coffee beans inside, and also a small sultana which was actually not weird at all. It had ‘extra sweetness’ but it was not sickening sweet at all which imo ruins a good coffee. I thought it was maybe a bit too ‘sour’ or ‘acidic’, but this could be adjusted, using their personalised tailored coffee ordering system! 😀

Can’t wait to go back!

Update 2: 12/07/2015 for the FCBA Community Haven Tasting event 🙂

Filter coffee 🙂
Chai latte


Filter coffee, black with nutty pour over – came with some nutty coffee beans on the side.
Soba noodles!
You pour the broth over the soba noodles yourself
Mascogato brownie
Mmmm pouring the coffee onto the brownie – so delicious!
Rose petal black sticky rice and sago pudding
Brussel sprouts dish

– C & K
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